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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Richard ‘Dick’ Ford, Legendary News Anchor, Dies at 88

  • Dick Ford dies at the age of 88.
  • He was a veteran newscaster.
  • Comrades mourn your departure

Richard Dick Ford dies. Undoubtedly, 2022 brings with it great surprises, as various celebrities and public figures They have been through some pretty tough times. In this third month, the world of entertainment has dressed in black on several occasions by games of great artists and also figures from the small screen.

The unfortunate events for celebrities and public figures do not stop, recently the sensitive news of the death of who was a legendary news anchor was released, who left at the age of 88 at home surrounded by his loved ones; fans mourn the loss.

Driver Richard Dick Ford dies

Richard Dick Ford dies

The British newspaper The Sun He reported on his portal that Richard “Dick” Ford, a local news legend, died peacefully at his home in Clayton, Missouri, this Tuesday, according to the aforementioned media, it was the same family of the beloved driver who confirmed the sad news.

Richard “Dick” Ford fronted KSDK’s hit show Newsbeat alongside John Auble and according to The Sun delivered local news in the St Louis area for over 30 years. The great legend has left a better plane at the age of 88, leaving a great legacy. Filed Under: Richard Dick Ford Dies.

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