Home Entertainment Ricardo Salinas responds to Mauricio Martinez’s alleged veto in the Aztecs

Ricardo Salinas responds to Mauricio Martinez’s alleged veto in the Aztecs

Salinas Pliego le responde a Mauricio Martínez

After the actor reported that his interview with Mimi would not be aired, the owner of the television station spoke about it.

Mexico City.- Mauricio Martinez announced that he gave an interview with Mimi for his program “Mimi Contigo”, broadcast on TV Azteca.

However, the theater actor said that the episode never broadcast because it is believed Ricardo Salinas Pligo, owner of the Ajusco television station, I would have banned the actor For his controversial criticisms against the businessman in relation to his handling of the pandemic in Mexico.

After uncovering the alleged veto suffered by Mauricio, Ricardo Salinas Pligo Responded to Martinez’s post. businessman told that I was not aware that your television i banned itWell, he doesn’t even know who he is.

Another unknown for Salinas Plego

The actor exposed through some tweets supposedly veto television Applied after criticism from CEO. But the businessman with his yes The typical way of responding to “attacks” On social media, he told the actor that he doesn’t even know who he is.

After explaining to PWhy didn’t the interview come? In which he spoke with Mimi, he sent her warm greetings.

“Oh gee… and you are my favorite? First, you already know what the press is like in our beloved Mexico, second I personally started using our network in October of last year. was not formally aware of the incident. Hug”, said one of the richest men in the country.

Although Mauricio Martinez tends to swallow and produce a big struggle When these kinds of “discussions” happen, The actor took the answer very well this time And he returned the affectionate greeting with only one more gentle greeting.

The singer also wrote on Twitter: “I already said that. Heartiest congratulations to Maria Ora and your family. Let them know when they come to New York.”

Will the interview with Mauricio Martinez air?

According to the journalist Ana María Alvarado, who contacted the people of TV Aztec, interview will come out And it will happen in one of the next weekends. Ana Maria also indicated that it was wrong that Mimi’s program was about to air.

“Mimi has been taking interviews and that’s why Kalimba has reached this point. yes the program will continue And they were not offended by the interview he had with Mauricio, ”the journalist said in a video on his YouTube channel.