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Ricardo O’Farrill and his debut as a host: “How ridiculous it is to see a comedian cook”

Ricardo O’Farrill in ‘Fucking Comediantes’ (Photo: Instagram/@comedycentralla)

There are cooking contest shows where some celebrities show that the artistic world is not the only thing they dominate, but have you imagined a reality show where comedians try to make culinary dishes without even having the recipe in Spanish? fucking comedians is the new bet ComedyCentral which aims to generate a competition where anything goes in order to get closer to the original food product.

Ricardo O’Farrill has a new challenge in his career: to be the host who will not only guide each of his popular guests, but will even taste the final dishes even though they are nothing like what is asked of them. In interview with Infobae Mexicothe also comedian talked more about the new project that marks his debut as a television host.

“They are two guest comedians, I am the host, and they have 30 minutes to prepare a recipe that is from another country in its original language. In that time they face two challenges that can help them by giving them clues or they can put their foot in them and they are punishments. In the end there is only one winner and the loser goes home with a punishment, ”she mentioned.

The comedian debuted as host on the new Comedy Central show

As its presenter mentioned, you will be able to see comedians and content creators such as Monica EscobedoDamian Cervantes HerlyKarla Camacho, Rojstar, Valentina de la Cuesta, Trixy Star, Paco del Mazo and Cacho Cantú dueling in the kitchen to prepare typical foods from countries of the world, recipes that have never been cooked in their lives and written in the language of the country of origin.

Regarding the new challenge in his career as a presenter, he added: “The best preparation for fucking comedians is to be expecting anything honestly it’s a comedy show that isn’t serious so comedy itself is in the mess that is watching comedians cook with a recipe in another language and the only way they can have parts of the recipe in Spanish it is in winning the two challenges”.

“Even if the recipe were in Spanish, I think it would be crap and this is part of what is interesting about this format because although everything starts as a joke once they have the time, at least in this experience with this first season , to see them suffer in the last minutes and to be assembling a dish without realizing that comedy is right there… In how ridiculous it is to see a comedian cook”.

The comedian debuted as host on the new Comedy Central show

For Ricardo O’Farrill the new wave of comedians LGBT+ emerging digital platforms has differentiating skills that have contributed a lot to the way of making and consuming comedy in Mexico and for this reason it has been a privilege to work with some of the most recognized in recent years.

“I think that both the gender quota and the talent that each one has must be present in this. What I did notice during these recordings was a freer, more daring generation, without censorship that is a pleasure to have face and say ‘Probably in another time you would not have been able to be so open about your sexuality and orientation’, but now you see them safe and that expression explodes to the fullest and for comedy this is good because you don’t have someone who is keeping to cover and look good with the cameras, quite the opposite”, he finished.

The comedian debuted as host on the new Comedy Central show

fucking comedians presented by Ricardo O’Farrill is now available on television by ComedyCentral Latin America and on the brand’s official channel at Youtubeas well as via streaming by Paramount +where you can even have free access for seven days.


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