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Ricardo Montaner remembers the promise he made to Raúl Velasco: “I’m going to sing that song for the last time”

Ricardo Montaner told in an interview with Yordi Rosado who toured Mexico for three months to make his music known after Raul Velasco he canceled his appearances on Siempre en Domingo for being “very poorly dressed”. The singer mentioned that after the trip he was invited back to the program and from that moment he established a great friendship with the host.

While talking about their close relationship, the singer recalled the time he promised the TV host not to perform his song. the top of the sky -Velasco’s favorite song- until he was recovered, because then the driver was facing delicate health problems.

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“The old man and I became close friends, tso endearing that it was obligatory to meet, even in other countries every time he did Always on Sunday elsewhere. It was obligatory for us to see each other and chat about the depths of life,” said Ricardo Montaner.

on one occasion Ricardo Montaner was invited to record a program with Raúl Velasco in Acapulco. Before entering the scene, the singer met with the show’s producer, who informed him of Velasco’s delicate state of health.

“The producer calls me aside and tells me that the old man after the program He was leaving for the United States because they were going to do a transplant, so they wanted to pay him a tribute before he left. The tribute was three or four weeks later here in Mexico City, in a theater,” he mentioned.

Then the singer went on stage and seeing the face of Raúl Velasco decided to make him a promise.

“He (Velasco) was sitting there, very emaciated, It was already clear that he was affected and his favorite song of mine was The top of the sky and then I tell him: ‘look’, with him sitting there, ‘I’m going to tell you something, I’m going to sing that song for the last time in my life, I’m going to sing it to you and I’m not going to sing it again until I know you’re recovered’. I sang The Top of Heaven and never sang it again. Two years went by and I didn’t sing the top of the sky anymore.

Months later while Ricardo Montaner was preparing for his show in Sea Vineyard received a fax from Raul Velasco, who informed him that he was feeling better and asked him to sing La Cumbre del Cielo again, and so did Evaluna’s father.

“I was at the Viña del Mar Festival, perhaps one of the most explosive times of my presentations. I’m getting ready for the concert and I receive a fax, it was handwritten and in the fax it said: ‘Dear Ricardo, here I am with my wife, awaiting your presentation tonight fully recovered, asking you to please sing again The top of the sky because you public deserves itthat night from Viña del Mar I dedicated the Top of the sky to Don Raúl Velasco, also celebrating that he was already healthy”.

This was Montaner’s return to ‘Always on Sunday’ after rejection

The interpreter of Me is going to miss mentioned that after three months of touring in Mexico, Raúl Velasco’s office contacted him again to return to the program. That night, the driver dedicated a few words of admiration to the singer and assured that Julio Iglesias also supported him.

“He introduced me in Siempre en domingo, but I don’t see him before singing. He was there (at the back of the set), I see him from afar. They put me in a dressing room next to the set and he (Raúl) says: ‘I two nights he had dinner at my house with me and my wife, my dear friend Julio Iglesias, we talked and I asked him ‘who do you think is the artist you like the most of all the balladeers out there today without telling you ?’, and he replied ‘The artist that I like the most of all those who sing today is called Ricardo Montaner’…” he added.


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