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Ricardo Montaner dedicated a sharp comment to Julia Ferrón

In the best style of Mirtha Legrand with her legendary phrase “I’m not spiteful but I do remember”, Ricardo Montaner threw a sharp comment that went almost unnoticed by many, against Julia Ferrón, the reality show participant who days ago had accused the coaches Mau and Ricky of mistreatment. In addition to saying that the end of The Argentine Voice It was arranged for Angela Navarro to win.

It happened during the final on Sunday, when Marley presented a tape of the 25 contestants in the show they gave at the Movistar Arena. While the artists passed one by one singing on stage, and highlighted the magic that was experienced in a packed stadium, the voice of Ricardo Montaner is heard who asks with irony: “A wonder and Julia wasn’t?”.

The driver’s response was positive: “Yes, he was there too.” To which the jury summed up a “I didn’t see it”. But the hottest part came later, when Marley stressed that “the 25 who had promised to be there were there.” that’s when Montaner added, clearly referring to the conflict with Julia Ferrón: “And what is promised is not broken. The full 25 were there”closed to everyone’s applause.

The 25 participants of "La Voz Argentina" in the Movistar Arena show.  That was when Ricardo Montaner commented against Julia Ferrón.  TV Capture

The 25 participants of “La Voz Argentina” in the Movistar Arena show. That was when Ricardo Montaner commented against Julia Ferrón. TV Capture

Ricky also shot Julia for elevation

In an intimate chat with Marley and Iván Papetti, the member of the Mau and Ricky team, the four of them reviewed the artist’s career. And as they talked about his personality and how he overcame the ups and downs that he had during the show, Ricky made a comment that many took to mean that it was an elevated shot for Julia..

Iván Papetti, one of the members of the Ricky and Mau team.

Iván Papetti, one of the members of the Ricky and Mau team.

“I love so much the humility that you always had to learn. If you continue like this you are going to be a very successful artist. When one humbly accepts any suggestion from a colleague, that is when one begins to grow enormously.. I am proud to be your coach. You deserve everything that is happening to you, “was the descent of him.

Julia Ferrón’s complaint against the program and part of the Jury

During an interview with a radio program of La Uno de Arrecifes, Julia Ferrón criticized the contest and launched that there is favoritism. “Speaking to someone in there, About 15 days ago I found out that it was already known who was going to win. I am more or less inclined and you must surely also imagine who it is. You could see a certain preference, a certain favoritism”, she denounced.

Julia Ferrón had very strong concepts against Ricky and Mau Montaner.

Julia Ferrón had very strong concepts against Ricky and Mau Montaner.

In addition, he stated that there were preferences for younger artists. “The question of the image… You see the team of Mau and Ricky, they are all girl dolls and the boys too. You are looking for a product to later sell it”, said the 40-year-old woman

the artist too he referred to an alleged joke he made to the brothers, Mau and Ricky. It is that after one of her presentations, Ricardo Montaner’s children were about to return her, but she intervened with a somewhat controversial phrase. “You better not”, she launched at that moment.

“They took it the wrong way. I feel, and I think it’s everyone’s feeling, that they are spoiled children. They are little children very well cared for by their parents and they have achieved this race thanks to the surname Montaner“He shot, in relation to what happened after the joke.

They are as if on a pedestal and no one can reach them. What I told you was a joke! I preferred that Sole speak to me because she had seen him smile from ear to ear while she sang, “she acknowledged.

And he compared the attitude of the Venezuelans with Lali Esposito: “If I had told Lali, she would have replied: ‘I’m very sorry, Julia, but you have to listen to me’, because it is more natural, spontaneous and grabs the jokes at the touch”.

“Mau and Ricky are always on the defensive. Y later, they yelled at me to take down the photo I had taken with them. Lots of babysitting for my age,” she continued.

“They told me that I was dropped from the contest for making a bad joke. There I understood that the votes of the people are not so important. On the other hand, they said that I was rude, that I am an ordinary person. That’s what they told me, while one grabbed my arm and the other spoke to me with arrogance“, he denounced.

Really, for me it was seriousbecause I did not say anything maliciously and they are dirtying my image, “he sentenced.


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