Ricardo Canaletti launches a podcast on crimes with Agustina Casanova

Those who are passionate about the genre “true crime” or stories about real crimes you will find, starting this Friday, November 19, a podcast that can become your perfect ally. Spotify and Penguin Random House Publisher Team Up to Present A murderer by my side, led by Ricardo Canaletti.

In this six-episode sound fiction with parodic elements, the journalist and writer specialized in police cases will tell the never-revealed secrets of the most famous crimes in history.

The driver of The crime chamber (TN) will not be alone: Agustina Casanova, journalist for ESPN and Telefe Noticias, will accompany you on these trips to some of the most terrible, most surprising and most remembered crimes of the past and present.

Agustina Casanova Will Be The Canaletti Of The Future In The Podcast.

Agustina Casanova will be the Canaletti of the future in the podcast.

The model, who has several years of experience in radio, not only ventures into the world of podcasting; He is also encouraged to try himself in a different role than usual with Canaletti.

Casanova, the Canaletti of the future

The podcast will have certain elements of radio drama and science fiction. The plot takes place in the year 2021. The clue of an old unsolved crime reveals a Ricardo Canaletti who tries to finish the tests of his book, when he receives a strange visit in the newsroom.

A woman (Casanova’s voice) approaches him. Embarrassed, he sees her approach without understanding. When their faces are a foot apart, she says: “I come from the future: I am Ricardo Canaletti”.

The Official Poster Of The Podcast &Quot;A Murderer By My Side&Quot;, By Ricardo Canaletti.

The official poster of the podcast “A murderer by my side”, by Ricardo Canaletti.

Thanks to a time machine created in the year 2151, Canaletti and Canaletti will travel through different moments of the twentieth century, visiting countries such as Italy, France, England and the United States. They will also be in Patagonia and in Buenos Aires.

In each space-time destination he will run into a criminal wanted by justice. Because although the story cannot be changed, in the details the trace of something irresistible is discovered: the moment in which the desire to kill awakens, and its dire consequences.

“Full of parodic nods to the conventions of the crime novel and the plots of parallel universes in vogue, this is a daring and provocative sound fiction, full of humor and suspense”, reads the official synopsis of the podcast.


Ricardo Canaletti Once Again Ventures Into The World Of The Podcast With Surprising Crime Stories.  Photo Julio Juarez

Ricardo Canaletti once again ventures into the world of the Podcast with surprising crime stories. Photo Julio Juarez

With a dozen books written -many of them within the Surprising Crimes saga-, the lawyer and journalist who was more than twenty years in the newspaper Clarion and has been on the TN channel for more than fifteen, bet on a podcast again after that series Sinister, 2018 and 2019.

Each of the six chapters of A murderer by my side they deal with emblematic cases that were already published by Canaletti in some of his police chronicles books.

In the first episode, titled My meeting with Charles Manson, an enigmatic woman appears in the newspaper’s newsroom and proposes to Ricardo to travel back in time, on the condition that he show her the most shocking police cases.

The First Episode Of The Podcast Is Dedicated To Charles Manson.  Photo Archive Bettmann - Courtesy Prh

The first episode of the podcast is dedicated to Charles Manson. Photo Archive Bettmann – Courtesy PRH

Canaletti accepts the proposal and together with their “I” from the future they move to the year 1970 to reveal the unknowns surrounding the gruesome crimes of Sharon Tate and six others by the sect led by Charles Manson.

The second episode reviews the Triple Crime of Cipolletti, where two sisters and a friend were murdered in November 1997. The third, named The other jack, addresses Peter Sutcliffe, nicknamed ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’, a serial killer who between 1975 and 1980 killed 13 women and wounded seven more.

The room is called The last duel, dedicated to a public saber fight between the journalist and radical leader Yoliván Biglieri and Admiral Benigno Varela in 1968, considered the last duel registered in the country.

The Last Duel With Argentine Sabers, In Which Benigno Varela And Yoliván Biglieri Faced Each Other 50 Years Ago In Lanús.

The last duel with Argentine sabers, in which Benigno Varela and Yoliván Biglieri faced each other 50 years ago in Lanús.

Episode number five deals with the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, daughter of a Vatican official, in 1983. And the sixth and last story of the podcast is called The Argentine Bonnie & Clydes, brains of the most impressive robbery in Argentine history and one of the bloodiest and most feared couples in criminal history.


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