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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Ricardo Arjona criticizes inclusive language; “vulgar things began to appear”

Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona launched a peculiar criticism against inclusive language in the framework of one of his presentations, specifically in Asunción, Paraguay.

ABC Color of Paraguay reports that the event took place during the night of August 13 before some 20 thousand people. The clips about the short speech that the singer gave were recorded and spread through social networks.

“Many things have happened since we didn’t see each other, there were many, many phenomena, among them the worst of all, they locked us up for two years, they put masks on us, they left us there with nothing to do with the cell phone in hand, with social networks and with a lot of free time and we spoiled everything”, said the musician on stage.

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After talking about the phenomenon of the pandemic, Arjona described issues related to gender identity as “vulgar” and assured that “32 genders appeared”not to mention briefly lambasting inclusive language that finds “e” neutral for non-binary people.

“Then, vulgar things began to appear, 32 genres appeared as if it was important to add genres and not respect what they want to be“, he said causing cheers from the public. “People began to appear parading through the streets ttrying to change the vowels to the words and I would have to say hello tonight to all, for instance. That’s a lot of free time wasted,” he continued as the public celebrated the Guatemalan’s speech.

Before moving on to your next topic, Arjona made a brief reference to the search for equal pay in relation to gendersuggesting that women should be able to earn more than men.

“Then people appeared who paraded through the streets and said that women should earn the same as men, and I said: And why can’t they win more?“. Before moving on to his next song, he specified: “of so many things that I did not understand, I was able to rescue at least the first line of this song”, which was ‘Hongos’.


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