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Rica Famosa Latina has not started and Mayeli Alonso has already caused controversy

  • Mayeli Alonso continues to give what to talk about
  • Before the start of the reality show Rica Famosa Latina, Lupillo Rivera’s ex-wife already caused controversy
  • “She looks swollen, her products don’t work for her or they are a fraud,” they tell the businesswoman

In full presentation of the sixth season of the reality show Rica Famosa Latina, which will be broadcast in a few more days on Estrella TV, the businesswoman and influencer Mayeli Alonso, who was married to the singer Lupillo Rivera and with whom she had two children, has already caused controversial and that this program has not yet started.

In addition to Mayeli, Kimberly Flores, wife of singer Edwin Luna and businesswoman Mariana González Padilla, girlfriend of Vicente Fernández Jr., as well as Marcela Iglesias, Luzelba Mansour and Sandra will be on this show, which is inspired by the Real housewives franchise. Vidal, with whom he already had a ‘confrontation’.

Mayeli Alonso offers revealing interview

Mayeli Alonso offers revealing interview

in the channel of Youtube of the journalist Nelssie Carrillo, the businesswoman Mayeli Alonso offered a revealing interview, where she first said that she feels very happy and excited to once again be part of Rica Famosa Latina, since many people were waiting for this reality show to return to the screen.

“Social networks invade me always asking me when I was going to be there and if I was going to be there, so, right now it is a great relief that people already know who we are going to be, how it is going to be and you could see the vibe that It’s fine,” said the ex-wife of Lupillo Rivera, who had already been in two previous seasons of this program.

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