Home Entertainment ‘RHOSLC’: Heather Gay confronts Jen Shah over her nasty online attacks (exclusive)

‘RHOSLC’: Heather Gay confronts Jen Shah over her nasty online attacks (exclusive)

'RHOSLC': Heather Gay confronts Jen Shah over her nasty online attacks (exclusive)

It goes down into the DMs, and Heather Homosexual might be returning two thumbs up. That is the vibe of ET’s unique preview in Sunday’s all-new episode. The true housewives of Salt Lake Metropolis, wherein Magnificence Lab + Laser proprietor meets finest pal Jen Shah (in an igloo, it appears) to cut up the hateful feedback Jen has made about Heather on social media for the reason that present began to be broadcast. Jen appears caught off guard by the confrontation and kicks off their dialog by asking if the dearth of communication between her and Heather between seasons is the foundation of their issues.

“The lack of speech is part of that, but I think the most important thing is the things you say about me,” Heather instructed her co-star. “I’m your daughter. Why are you throwing silly little digs behind my again? “

Jen performs the idiot and asks Heather to make do with these “stupid little digs”, and that is what she does: “Comparing me to marine mammals, Honey Boo Boo, ‘manipulative, liar, racist .. . ‘”

“Why would I be your ‘best friend’ if I was a racist?” she asks Jen, crying. “Why would you say you’re ‘my girl’ and then, ‘I love her,’ and then pull this card in such a busy time? It hurts my heart.”

“It hurts me too!” Jen intervenes. “The last time we were all together it was hurtful.”

The clip then reverts to a lower from the Season 1 reunion, that includes Jen upset that she was known as aggressive and Heather questioning Lisa Barlow’s friendship with Jen. “You hate lies, you hate liars, you hate drama – you hate all these things – and yet you have aligned yourself with the nexus of it all, ”notes Heather.

“So it was for revenge?” Heather asks. “You posted [that I’m racist] revenge ? As a result of your emotions have been damage? One thing that you just not imagine that is true for me? For my youngsters to see? For my buddies to see? “

“It was posted, I pulled it off in 5 minutes, Heather,” Jen says in her personal protection, however Heather would not take that rationalization.

Watch all of it unfold right here:

“It hurts me,” Heather says, to which Jen responds, “Well, you have to come talk to me then.”

“I don’t want to come talk to you every time you say something mean and I find out, it hurts me,” Heather replies. “Then don’t say any more mean things.”

“You have to have some sort of confidence,” Jen tells Heather. “Don’t believe everyone then.”

However then Heather pulls out the receipts, screenshots of direct messages despatched from Jen’s verified Instagram account, Heather talks trash. “It means Jen Shah typed those words about me,” Heather chides.

“You never said those words? “Heather presses.” How isn’t that you, Jen? “

“No!” Jen exclaims. “It is not true. … It is not fucking king me!”

Viewers might want to tune in RHOSLC to see if Heather is able to imagine Jen. When ET spoke with Heather forward of the season, she defended her friendship with Jen. She helps her via her arrest and indictment. In April, Jen pleaded not responsible to federal prices of conspiracy to commit digital fraud and cash laundering. She faces as much as 30 years in jail if convicted.

“I was never friends with Jen because I thought she was telling me the truth all the time,” Heather provided. “I’m friends with Jen because I like her, and I have a connection to her, and I’m in on her.”

Heather says she is ready to “separate” Jen as a pal of Jen who allegedly ran a telemarketing program. By showing on Watch What Occurs Stay With Andy Cohen, Heather admitted to believing Jen’s enterprise exercise was “unsavory”, however not unlawful.

“I want to be a great friend of Jen,” ​​Heather instructed ET. “I nonetheless have the identical affection for her that I all the time have and that hasn’t modified. I imply, our relationship has modified over the past yr due to the issues we have been via, however what Relating to my assist and assist for her and her household – and this chapter of her life, nevertheless she resolves it – is fairly steadfast. It hasn’t actually modified with the accusations. “

The Actual Housewives of Salt Lake Metropolis Airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET / PT on Bravo.