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‘RHOC’: Noella Bergener pulls out of group tour after Heather Dubrow drama (Exclusive)

Looks like an avalanche of drama is set in motion one night Real Housewives of Orange County Cast’s trip to Aspen, Colorado isn’t over yet.

After the group’s first dinner when Noella Bergner made allegations against Heather Dubrow, claiming that Heather physically assaulted someone at a party held at the beginning of the season, Noella went a little MIA.

“So, has anyone seen Noella today?” Shannon Beador asked the other women about breakfast, to which Emily Simpson replied, “No, but I saw a Bloody Mary and a bowl of fruit go into her room.”

“I don’t think she’s leaving with us,” remarks Gina Kirschenheiter, shortly followed by a laughing Dr. Said Jane Armstrong, who says, “Let’s go before he changes his mind!”

Heather joins in on Jane’s laugh. She has vehemently denied Noella’s allegations, repeatedly referring to the story – which has gone from a first-person witness to an alleged physical altercation to rumor – as a “lie.” This isn’t a huge shock, with Noella taking a step back, noting that Heather went back and forth over the alleged incident, calling Noella a “liar and thirsty girl”.

“I don’t know if Noella should join the group, because it seems like every time she’s with us, someone is following her,” Shannon reflects in a confession. “So, maybe she needs a break. She’s been through a lot this week. Let her rest.”

Without Noella, the women load into a Sprinter van, where Jen and Heather make cracks about “no headache today” and “no pain”. Meanwhile, in the back seat, Emily and Gina discuss what Noella’s absence could mean for the rest of the trip.

“Here’s the thing, if she doesn’t go to it, she’s not going to move on to the next thing because we’re going straight to the next thing,” Emily said.

“Just then… she’s going to come home to the hot tub right now?” Gina asks.

“I don’t understand that attitude,” Gina says in a confession. “It’s like, you want to be part of the group — and you’re saying you don’t feel like you’re part of the group — and now this group is going to do, like, a fun activity and you’re going to be on your own.” Locking him in his room.”

Watch it all play out here:

“I don’t want to go around the carousel again,” Gina then tells the wider group back on the van. While viewers have yet to see the end of Heather and Noella’s discussion around Noella’s claims, it looks like the two weren’t able to sort out their issues from the night before. Heather turns to Shannon and says, “You can’t agree to disagree on that sort of thing.”

“You can’t agree to be like, ‘It’s okay if you’re lying about me,'” Jen said, echoing Heather’s sentiment … which apparently accompanies Emily. does not sit.

“Jane doesn’t have a lot of original ideas,” she notes in a confession. “She follows Heather, and if Heather says, ‘Oh, that looks amazing!’ Jane will go, ‘Wonderful!'” Jane cuts into a montage of parrot heather.

“And then Heather would say something like, ‘Oh, that looks great!’ And she’ll go, ‘Great!'” Emily continues. “She repeats everything Heather says.”

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