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‘RHOBH’s Kyle Richards clarifies viral footage of him laughing at Garcel Beauvais’ son is being cursed

Kyle Richards is clarifying his comments after a new clip from Wednesday The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The 53-year-old sees the actress laughing at castmate Erica Jayne after she cursed Garcel Beauvais’ son, Jacques. the original Co-host’s birthday party.

In the clip, Richards and castmate Dorit Kemsley discuss Jen’s apparently drunken rant, including beautiful mess The author asked a 14-year-old to “get out” from his mom’s birthday party.

Kemsley was a direct witness to the incident, and although she said that Jayne’s comments made her “feel sick to her stomach” in a confession, she mocked Richards in the clip.

“It’s not funny, but it’s funny,” Richards said in a confession of her own, before discussing it further, “the Erica we’ve known all these years had a lot to do with it, so there was a lot in her. Seeing the side – – more open and honest – even if she’s not always showing her best side, at least it’s real.”

Richards and Kemsley’s husband also laughed at the tense moment, and appropriately acknowledged Jayne’s decision to curse Beauvais’s son, with Mauricio Umansky calling it “great” and Paul “PK” Kemsley insisting that Jayne every Time deserves “a blow” and then.

PK also noted that Jayne’s rant included a flirty exchange with Beauvais’ eldest son, Oliver, who she said “tried to bang.”

Richards commented on a fan account that posted the clip, calling Richards and Kemsley “mean girls” for laughing at Jen’s behavior.

“#RHOBH Preview: Kyle, Dorit, Mauricio, and PK make Erica laugh at Garcel’s son!” Bravo’s Queens captioned the clip. “Am I the f**king in the twilight zone? This is a prime example of why they call them mean girls because they don’t have as much energy for one of them as they literally have for everyone else. If If it were one of their kids, they’d lose their g*ddamn mind!”

In Richards’ remarks, she said that she was laughing not about Jayne disrespecting Beauvais’ son, but at his “ridiculous behaviour.”

Richards insisted, “I was laughing about a friend’s drunk, ridiculous behavior. Not about disrespecting someone’s child.” “I think you know me better than I do by now. I wasn’t even there to see it and only heard about Erica and what she said afterwards.”

Beauvais was equally upset by the exchange and shared her thoughts on it when a Twitter user tagged her in the clip and asked if she knew about the conversation before watching it ahead of Wednesday’s episode.

“No, never seen this scene until now,” Beauvais said Monday with an angry emoji.

She took to Twitter on Tuesday to give a shout-out to her three sons.

This is an appreciative post for my sons Oliver, Jacques and Jed,” Beauvais wrote alongside a photo of all three. “You boys make me so proud… you are loving, kind and respectful. You respect people even when they don’t deserve it. Respect is a reflection of your character, not theirs.”

for more rage And all the drama from this season, watch the video below.

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