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Rey Grupero clarifies why he played the joke on Alfredo Adame; “when it’s his turn, he gets angry”

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King Grupero clarified why he put a tarp on the house of Alfredo Adame, and added that in fact there are ten of thesewhich he distributed throughout Mexico City.

In an interview for MULTIMEDIAthe content creator clarified, however, “I have no dispute with the Lord” and said sarcastically, “I’m rooting for him, we must support people who are already elderly or who are elderly, we must support them“, said.

And it is that the canvases that he put up around the city included that Adame supposedly taught martial arts classes DJas he himself had published on his social networks.

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Regarding the issue of the purpose of putting up these tarpaulins, he was very clear, since he sees it as mere entertainment: “have fun, cool off a little; I hadn’t bothered him for a long time“, he assures.

Even the content creator assures that Adame himself published his phone numbers previously: “he changed all his numbers and I got the new one, well, that’s just to make him feel, right? He’s still funny when it’s one of them but when it’s his turn, he gets angry“.

I think it’s the risk that you have to take, if you make a joke, you know that the risk is a few blows or even death“King Grupero clarified.

They hang blanket against Alfredo Adame with ridicule and personal data | SPECIAL

Despite assuring that he has no lawsuit with Adame, Rey Grupero later clarified: “How is it going to be planned if I can’t even cross paths with that man wherever he is? if there is a red carpet, they have to separate us because it is likely that we will come to blows, I never want to be his friend in life“.

He also drew attention after assuring that supposedly because of Alfredo Adame ended his relationship with Cynthia Klitbosince he assures that he not only published the number of the influencer, but also of the actress.

Because of her, I broke up with Cynthia.“, he assures. “The guy published Cynthia’s number too, he published my numbers, he wanted to hit me“, he assured.

Previously, Alfredo Adame himself assured that he will not take legal action despite his annoyance with the two content generators, but he assured that if he had found them near his house at night, he would have shot them with his weapons.


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