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Revolts, ecology and sexual transitions in another day of the Theater Festival in Brazil

Very realistic, different Latin American theater plays were presented this Tuesday, September 13, at the Ibero-American Festival of Performing Arts, which takes place in Santos, Brazil.

They were also exposed in these works fusions with dance, video, photography, for example, increasingly used. This was the case of three very impressive works such as the Chilean Reminiscence; Argentina the woman i am; and the Colombian The moon in the Amazon. They were all applauded to a full room in this sixth edition of the theatrical meeting.

Reminiscence it is one of the most original works that have been seen here so far. Malicho Vaca Valenzuela developed a pandemic project in which he worked on personal, family memory and that of an entire generation that today is the protagonist in his country: Chili.

Malicho is the performer, director and author of this work that uses the benefits of Google Earth to leave his house in full confinement and visit the important places in his life and see them in their current state. Also to reconstruct with audiovisual archives his political militancy in this century.

Reminiscence.  Audiovisual work by Malicho Vaca Valenzuela.

Reminiscence. Audiovisual work by Malicho Vaca Valenzuela.

The artist lives in a shared – but separate – house with his grandparents, who participate in this experience that is seen on a screen behind his back as he recounts these key moments of his life with boleros from the Los Panchos trio in the background.

“I wanted the screen to stop being a wall and to become in some way what theater is, no, which is this image that opens up and that one can emotionally dialogue with and leave,” Malicho explains to Clarion.

political fights

The work, which also generates an immersive atmosphere in the beautiful Mendes Armenian Theater de Santos, addresses the political struggles of the last 20 years that found Malicho as a protagonist since he was 14 in the student protests that went through various street and digital modes of expression.

“In the creation process we started with the idea that the most important thing was that we were in a social revolt in the midst of the denunciations of crimes for the violation of the human rights and when this riot was going on with a Chili burning the pandemic appears “.

And he continues: “Then there is something that was truncated and I started there, trying to see if this revolution that we are experiencing and that we are all doing, that can be maintained through this.”

His grandmother’s Alzheimer’s causes both the grandson and her romantic husband should be reminded of many things on a daily basis, such as, for example, that Malicho is an artist and is preparing this documentary work that elevates them as protagonists of a personal and collective history.

A separate place deserves the discovery of material from the archive of the hospital where the director was born and its destruction to make new works in the “new” Santiago.

The theater applauded standing up, weeping, this original work, an initiative of the Le Insolent Theater Company emerged in 2013 with the premiere of the play Lost Souls Bolero and is made up of the actors Malicho Vaca Valenzuela and Ébana Garín (also assistant director).

The Argentine work

Key moment in The Woman I Am.  Photo: Laura Castro.

Key moment in The Woman I Am. Photo: Laura Castro.

Meanwhile, in the exquisite Atlantic Hotel -in front of the sea of ​​Santos- the Argentine work was presented the woman i am.

The staging developed in two different departments and at the same time surprised the audience from several countries that grew (and here yes, all with chinstraps) to celebrate this staging of Teatro Bombón. Before the start, two trans girls invited the public to enter first one apartment, and then the other to complete the experience.

The mirrored structure is the precise setting to narrate the stories of Mercedes and Martha at the same time. They were together, in another life, and now they live separately, but in adjoining environments. The one who bursts into this life separated by a wall is Cecilia, their daughter who comes with a new and suspicious girlfriend.

Starring Maiamar Abrodos, Daniela Pal, Mayra Homar Y Silvia Villazur and directed by Nelson Valente, the work unsubtlely exposes the gender transition of one of the protagonists: “all this changed, Martha”, Mercedes underlines and points to her body. The work continues in the corridors of the hotel that this year turns a century.

Audience and actresses very close in The woman I am.  Photo: Laura Castro

Audience and actresses very close in The woman I am. Photo: Laura Castro

This work was part of the Bombón Vecinal project, a festival site-specific of short pieces created by artists and neighbors, in co-production with FIBA ​​– Buenos Aires International Festival, with the support of Cultural Patronage.

Audiovisual technology, combined with dance

Already at the close of the day, in the central auditorium of the Festival, the Colombian company was presented Theater Map with a work that combined the use of audiovisual technologies with dance and even musical interpretations that gave the representation of a multifaceted problem a postmodern opera character.

An openwork map exhibited the enormous size of the Amazon that encompasses the territories of almost all the South American countries. And of all the political tensions.

The Moon in the Amazon.  Photo: Rolf Abderhalden

The Moon in the Amazon. Photo: Rolf Abderhalden

The directors Heidi Y Rolf Abderhalden relate the current situation to that of the end of the 19th century, when an indigenous community deliberately isolated itself from the violent intrusion of settlers in its territory in the Colombian Amazon. In 2019, it was learned that there were indigenous communities in isolation for self-determination

Scientific and fictional texts, visual material, contemporary testimonies, electronic sounds and live music form the basis of a futuristic ethnofiction that fuses history, present and curious anecdotes. To do this, they collected stories from shamans, anthropologists and testimonial narratives that offer some indirect evidence.

Colombian actress Agned Brecke (of Norwegian origin) is one of the protagonists of the play and also worked on the film Memory directed by the Taiwanese Apichatpong Weerasethakul and starring tilda swinton.

The Moon in the Amazon.  Photo: Rolf Abderhalden

The Moon in the Amazon. Photo: Rolf Abderhalden

In the continuation of his trilogy Anatomy of Violence in Colombiawhich illuminated various facets of the Colombian civil war, the directors create a form of poetic resistance to the current situation of ideological and ecological violence.

They also explore these tense scenarios: the destruction of the environment, the appropriation of jungle areas by multinationals, the murders of representatives of indigenous communities or environmental organizations, are they signs of a new colonization? They wonder.

Meanwhile, in the halls of the Secwhere the activities of the Festival are centralized, an installation based on texts by Antonin Artauda bookstore with editorial finds dedicated to theater, street performances, DJs that arrive when the night gets deep, continue to animate this lush meeting of Ibero-American theater.


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