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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Revive Marimar! Thalía “dresses” her emblematic character 28 years later and looks incredible (PHOTOS)

Thalía goes to the beach pretending to be Marimar

Thalia Marimar

Thalía, already in the character of Marimar 28 years later, appeared running along the beach and throwing herself into the sand so that people would relive the memories that the successful soap opera had for almost three decades… Did people comment on it and the reactions to her ‘madness’ were diverse:

“The girl went crazy”, “She hasn’t aged at all”, “Great”, “Personally, she gives me a lot of eggs”, “Diosaaaaa Marimar!”, “Omg !!! Stop surprising us, images that are also worth GOLD PUROOOO!!!”, “When the heart commands. Always, love always sends !!”, “you are the best, thanks for the gift !!!!”, “what a beautiful memory, you are identical”, several people wrote to Thalía.

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