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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Revive Marimar! Thalía “dresses” her emblematic character 28 years later and looks incredible (PHOTOS)

Recreates the legendary character of Marimar

Thalia revives

“Let’s go to the sea, but first we have to recreate Marimar’s hair a bit,” Thalía says in the video as she grabs her disheveled hair and jokes: “I don’t need much because I already have the base, which is totally messy hair, let’s go to use a curl and diffuser”, while she told what she would do to make her long hair resemble that of the coastal girl.

“Usually it should be done with hair fresh from the shower or totally soaked… it’s the coastal hair, the coastal girl didn’t use extensions heee,” he added while explaining that they also applied makeup all over his body to simulate his tan, as well as the dirt stains that the character wore.

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