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Revive Marimar! Thalía “dresses” her emblematic character 28 years later and looks incredible (PHOTOS)

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  • Thalía shocked her fans
  • The Mexican ‘revived’ Marimar
  • Where was ‘Pulgoso?’

Thalía always seeks to surprise her fans with videos or photographs of emblematic moments of her career, but now, 28 years after the telenovela “Marimar” ended, it was incredible that the Mexican singer and actress decided to bring her back and relive her moments of glory. even with the same little dress that the costeña wore.

It was through several Instagram stories shared by Thalía and collected in a video on the page ‘showbiz boy‘ that you can see the comparison of Thalía 28 years ago when she was just a young girl starring in her third telenovela, after Quinceañera and María Mercedes, recording the legendary story of Marimar on the beach.

Thalía ‘revived’ Marimar


“You can’t imagine what I just found, ready? Can anyone guess”, are the first words that can be heard from Thalía while she interacts with her fans and suddenly takes out a dress to say: “I found it, I found it people, Marimar’s original little dress, all these little threads, my God what beauty and on the back it has a patch that if I remember correctly is here”, continues the Mexican full of emotion.

The singer and actress did not hesitate to do what so many people longed for and put herself in the role of Marimar with the dress and went to the beach to simulate what she did 28 years ago when the soap opera triumphed in Mexico and throughout the world giving her fame. thanks to the adventures that the character had with his dog ‘Pulgoso’.

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