Revelation of Udit Narayan’s son: Girlfriend Shweta turns down offer to go to lunch with Aditya, he thinks he is giving girls away

According to singer and TV host Udit Narayan, his girlfriend Shweta Aggarwal refused to go to lunch with him for the first time. Because he had heard that it changes girls. Shweta was suspicious of her reputation. Udit and Shweta, who got married in December, made their debut in the film ‘Shapit’ in 2010 and their relationship started there.

‘I don’t want to say the date on the first date’
Speaking to Times Now, Aditya said, “I really don’t want to call my first date a date. Because at that time we were shooting for the film ‘Shapit’. I asked him for a long hangout and lunch with me. This was not a date type setup. Until he declined my offer.

Then my mother told him that both of you should have lunch together because you are doing film. So we went to 5 Spice restaurants in Oshiwara. She sat there with her mouth open for about 30 minutes. As if he is not interested in my life. He did me a big favor by sitting in front of me. ‘

‘Then he realized that I was a family man’
Aditya further said, ‘I remember well that he first picked me when he saw bonding with family members. When he realizes that I am a family man. Reaction matters to me. He kept hearing about me that I turn to girls. So I can understand his suspicions. ‘

Aditya discusses bankruptcy
Recently, Aditya came into the limelight when his one month old interview went viral. In this, he spoke of his own bankruptcy. Aditya said that his savings were spent in lockdown and now he has only Rs 18,000 left in his account.

However, in an exclusive conversation with Divya Bhaskar, Aditya clarified that he made fun of this statement. He said that he has no shortage of money and work.