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Returns “Who is the mask?”


MEXICO CITY (El Common) .— With the sharpest listening to and reminiscence, he’s just like the researchers and conductors of “Who is the mask?” They’ll begin the third season, sure, with the principle distinction that the motive force will probably be answerable for Adrián Uribe.

“It is a project in which I was in the first season as a researcher and now I am going as a conductor, I think it is a great opportunity that is given. In the second season I couldn’t because my wife’s pregnancy was through, so I decided to stay home and now I said go, I’m on, and since Omar couldn’t because of his schedule, he told me: if I can’t do it, what better than do it yourself, ”Uribe defined.

The premiere will probably be subsequent October 10 at 8:30 pm, on Las Estrellas.

The co-host is Alan Estrada, who within the final version of this system was beneath the masks of Chile.

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“What made me say yes is that I was there last year, I experienced the game from the inside out and then I watched the show. I like that television reaches another audience that does not see me on my other platforms, people who do not access the Internet and who do not know my career ”.


Within the subject of researchers, Yuri, Juanpa Zurita and Carlos Rivera repeat, whereas as a brand new component is Mónica Huarte.

Yuri mentioned that over time he has gotten a greater ear, and admits that relating to singers, he has come to know who he’s from the primary second, though he tries to protect a little bit of stress and curiosity.

“Now the production made it more difficult for us, they already told us that there are a lot of famous people of different kinds, but it’s cool because that’s how they put us to work and investigate. Now they have forbidden us to copy, we can no longer say the same as the other colleagues, we have to investigate more, be more attentive and take homework with us ”.

Monica mentioned she was pleased with the second venture she did with Televisa, after “40 and 20”. For Juanpa it’s a pleasure to return to those boards.

“It makes me a very innovative, very cool program, it is like playing a board game at the national level, in the end you are guessing who is behind it.”

The present, which is produced by Miguel Ángel Fox, may have 18 characters who will strive to not be found all through 10 reveals.

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