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Resurrection, or the Chinese who is not Yoko Ono

Resurrection, or the Chinese who is not Yoko Ono

First and foremost, it must be clarified that The hoop: Resurrection It has nothing to do with the original Japanese saga, nor with the American one. It is a Chinese production, based on the digital novel She Died on QQ, by Ma Boyong, and if a specter with long black hair roams around there and is dressed in white, it is not Sadako.

Neither it is Yoko Ono.

In other words, they hang on to the successful white dress to take advantage of it.

Ghostly Presence.  But No, It'S Not Sadako, From The Original Saga.  So Who Is It?  Photo Bf Paris

Ghostly presence. But no, it’s not Sadako, from the original saga. So who is it? Photo BF Paris

It is also worth mentioning that some elements of the plot are played with The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, but it would already be spinning too finite, because what the film tells of Hollywood released this year is based on real events (somewhat modified) and the novel by The hoop: Resurrection it’s after the fact, not the Warren movie.

So let’s get to what is real, this film in which a young student, Zhou Xiaonuo (Yihan Sun) is devastated by the suicide of a cousin. It is strange to him, and the strange thing is that the cousin had received a virtual novel in which she had participated years ago. Parallel to the fact that other young people begin to die when reading a new chapter that, mysteriously, was uploaded to the web, the protagonist begins to have visions of a woman -the one with long black hair, dressed in white and who is not Yoko Ono: that-.

In The Footsteps Of A Ghost?  Photo Bf Paris

In the footsteps of a ghost? Photo BF Paris

Want more oddities? Who reads that novel experiences, how to say it ?, strange phenomena. It doesn’t take long to realize, along with the brave Ma-Ming (Meng-Po Fu), an addict to social networks and also to everything related to the ghostly, that if someone does not start investigating the cursed web novel, well, the corpses will start to pile up.

Which would not be a problem for a horror film.

What A Face, What A Gesture.  Surprises Gives You The Plot.  Photo Bf Paris

What a face, what a gesture. Surprises gives you the plot. Photo BF Paris

The title of the novel, She Die don QQ, is related to the Chinese instant messaging service QQ, a kind of WhatsApp in that country.

The point is that it is not convenient to read the chapters of the novel on the web, because you already know what can happen to the one who reads it. Could it be that someone is copying the murders, something gruesome, as they appear in the novel? Is it a matter of ghosts?

What will it be?

What A Face, What A Gesture Ii.  You Can Not Trust Anyone.  Photo Bf Paris

What a face, what a gesture II. You can not trust anyone. Photo BF Paris

For now, the director Norio Tsuruta was the one from Ring Japanese original. And the man knows what it is to scare his audience. Tremendously dark, and with a Spanish dubbing that really didn’t help when it came to seeing The hoop: Resurrection, the film also allows the jump between different universes – the real one; the ghostly – creating a sense of strangeness that, perhaps, perhaps, in one of those, is the best of the entire projection.

Because the legend or moral that is seen at the end …

“The hoop: Resurrection”


Terror. China, 2021. Original title: “The Perilous Internet Ring”. 95 ‘, SAM 13 R. From: Norio Tsuruta. With: Annie Sun, Yihan Sun, Meng-Po Fu. Rooms: Hoyts Abasto, Showcase Belgrano and Norcenter, CinĂ©polis Avellaneda and Pilar.

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