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“Reporting is not an easy process”: Nath Campos talks about his complaint against Ricks


The YouTuber also observed that more women raise their voices to confront abuse.

Mexico City.- Nath Campos Participated in the opening of FRIDA, a comprehensive and interactive project about a painter of the first half of the 20th century, in which, through animated projections on the walls and floors of Fronten Mexico, one enters his world.

On a candid question, as she walked through the red carpet, the youtuber comments that Can’t talk about legal process that it continues against Ricks, as he is already the province of the authorities, but he remarked that legal process continues His departure: “It’s something that takes time and you never know how long it takes, but here we go.”

However, Nath Campos pointed out that It’s not easy to report your attacker, much less from the prosecutor’s office:

Reporting is not an easy process, It’s always difficult, I went through a difficult process in the prosecution, I think if I had reported the day what happened to me I wouldn’t have done it, I did it when I had to and It helped my prosecution process to be more calm because I already had everything processedÔÇŁ, insisted the content creator.

A support for women who have been violated

The young woman also indicated that being a victim of sexual abuse has helped her to come closer to more women who have also been violated, because after her complaint, more people felt confident to share their stories. and in return sought his help to deal with his case.

“If there’s a lot of people’s stories, many women have a lot of desire to speak up, raise their voices, work on their problems, that’s the positive part that I take from everything,” the actress said.

Nath said, “A big part of why everything happened and why I decided to do everything was to share a message which I think was delivered in many ways and reached many people and I believe it The most important thing.”

It was in January of this year when Nath Campos dares to condemn YouTuber Ricks Like the man who sexually abused her on a night out, she drank a lot and he took advantage of the situation by being her “friend”.