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Remember Luis Gerardo Méndez’s difficult moment

Remember Luis Gerardo Méndez's difficult moment

MEXICO CITY.— Luis Gerardo Méndez urged the population to get vaccinated against Covid-19 in view of the increase in positive cases.

“Get vaccinated, and if you’re already eligible, take your booster and let’s keep looking out for each other. Remember that the vaccine is not just for you, it is for everyone.

The actor assured that the Omicron variant was developed worldwide and could be the largest wave of infections.

“This variant will infect hundreds of thousands more in the country and unfortunately there will be more deaths. The vast majority of patients who need to be hospitalized are not vaccinated, ”he said.

10 months after the loss, Luis Gerardo remembered the death of his father Luis Gerardo Hernández, who had died of Covid-19.

Via social networks, the actor shared a photo in which he can be seen in tears and remembered that that day he was notified that his father would be intubated.

“I’ve never cried so much in my life. The doctor told us that he had a 20% chance of being successful, ”Méndez said.

“Actually, I knew that night that I would never see him smile again.”

The actor pointed out that, unfortunately, his father did not receive a vaccine for the disease.

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