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released a hit after winning two Gardels and prepares to conquer Mexico

Almost a year after the release of his album Part of meNicky Nicole he just released his first new song. Is named Nobody Like Me and is accompanied by an official video, directed by Agustín Portela, where the 22-year-old singer Nicki appears as a boxer.

Nobody Like Me It is a theme that fuses trap with salsa. It was produced by the Colombian Icon and the Argentine Tatool.

Nicki Nicole in the video for "Nobody like me"

Nicki Nicole in the video for “Nobody like me”

According to Nicki, “It’s a song that I’ve wanted the whole world to hear for a long time. It was saved for the right time, which is now. It speaks of an internal battle between two people who fight every day because of their egos and pretensions.” .

And he added: “In moments of loneliness I began to realize that I always have another self that is there, and that we all have, that is half pulling us down, and that we should not punish ourselves like that.”

Nicki Nicole poses in an interview in Mexico City.  Photo: EFE

Nicki Nicole poses in an interview in Mexico City. Photo: EFE

The song opens a new stage in which he experiments with sounds of trap, salsa, and even danzón, whose influences are marked by hits like i like it by Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

Nobody Like Me opens a new musical stage -he admits- but I will not stop being the essence of Nicki, although with new styles, new ways, a very cool concept that people are going to discover”.


Before releasing this new single, Nicki Nicole performed at the This Ain’t No Picnic festival in Los Angeles and the Baja Beach Fest in Rosarito, Mexico. Additionally, throughout 2022, she launched successful collaborations with artists such as Camilo, Eladio Carrión, Emilia, and Los Ángeles Azules.

Nicki Nicole in "Nobody Like Me"

Nicki Nicole in “Nobody Like Me”

Recently, in Argentina he won two Gardel Awards, in the categories of Best Urban Music Album and Best Urban Music Collaboration. Before, at the beginning of the year, he gave big shows like Lollapalooza and Coachella, in addition to a subsequent tour of Spain.

Regarding her fans, Nicki said in a recent interview that she is close to her audience, she does not see them as followers and always looks for ways for those who admire her to achieve their dreams, just as she has done.

Fame came to him at 19, and three years later he has learned to enjoy it without so many pressures that previously prevented him from doing so. “I had never been a professional artist, and I did not understand a lot of things, such as the stress or anxiety of moving away from my family, for example, being on a trip, everything was a bit of a shock, but what you learn from,” he says.

The relationship with Mexico

Nicky Nicole.  Photo: EFE/Sony Music

Nicky Nicole. Photo: EFE/Sony Music

Nicki had ties to Mexico before her career took off: “With a song that people told me: come to Mexico! And I thought, how am I going to go? I have only one song. It was crazy when I got here, that I had the opportunity in 2020 for the first time, to the Spotify Awards, which were just before the pandemic.

At the event he met the Mexican rapper Alemán in person, whom he already knew for his music, and since then they began a close friendship that became a collaboration that has been saved for at least two years and that could see the light very soon.

“German is very funny,” he says, “and we died laughing together. We went to the studio after the Spotify Awards, then we went to his manager’s birthday to celebrate and, without realizing it, it was our last party before the pandemic,” he says. singer.

After recording with the rapper, Nicki tried Mexican cumbia with Los Ángeles Azules with the song Another night and then had two dates at the Baja Beach Festival. He now promises to return this year to give his own show for the first time in the country.

Source: EFE


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