Regina Blandon responds to controversial tweet about children with cancer

MEXICO CITY.- On Friday night . name of the regina blando became a trend, before a tweet who allegedly wrote Undermining children’s battle with cancer, claiming that priority should also be given to trans children. message – false – said:

“Mexico is so third world that they give more importance to girls and boys with cancer than transgender girls.”

Regina Blandon Responds To Controversial Tweet About Children With Cancer - Light Home News
Picture of the tweet for which Regina Blandon became the trend and which is false. photo via twitter

This morning, the actress took to her social network to refute the said tweet, saying it was about a malicious edit.

“Someone was so kind as to invent a tweet so despicable that I had to write and take a screenshot ‘No, he just deleted it from his timeline’; I don’t delete tweets (…) Read more, find out It’s important to use inclusive language and if not, go ahead, but if you’re going to screw someone up, you’re creating fake news of that size, use it well,” the actress added. Said in the first part.

Regina Blandon reveals she has been attacked for supporting some cause

Actress, recognized for her role as Bibi “Luxurious Family”, points out that if they decided to speak about it, it’s for more than 900 hate messages which arose on his person, some of them with high violent content.

She took this opportunity to reiterate that she would continue to speak up for the rights of others, whether she was attacked or not.

“It all comes down to: If you don’t want to have an abortion, don’t get an abortion; if you don’t want to marry a member of the LGTTTIQ+ community, don’t get married; live and let liveDamn, period.”

The actress believes that the reason behind the attack on her is that Dare to defend the “right of women to make decisions”. Do what you want with your life but don’t take away the right of others to do what you want with yourself, it’s succinctly said, no more arguing, live and let live, period. They believe. If you stand in the midst of someone else’s rights, reconsider those beliefs, keep the calm; In short, how exhausting”.

Let us tell you that many users also came out in defense of the actress, remembering that she is one. sympathetic woman pronounced not just for progressive reasons, but also for other interests for the benefit of those most in need.