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Reggaeton brother has died

Reggaeton brother has died

Archangel receives condolences at a difficult time

SAN JUAN (EFE) .- Puerto Rican reggaeton player Arcángel said yesterday Sunday that he was “nothing and nobody” to blame God for the death of one of his brothers, Justin Santos, in a traffic accident this morning in San. to claim or claim Juan.

“I am nothing or nobody to ask, let alone ask anything of you, Father, I was taught that whatever happens, your will must be respected and accepted! (sic) “, said Austin Santos, Arcángels first name, in a story on his Instagram account.

The artist continued with the message: “And although it hurts on an inexplicable level, if so, your will, I repeat that I accept it, papa. Now I believe that I am in a position to ask for your strength and understanding in order to be able to guide us …! “Added Arcángel on the said social network.

Justin Santos, 21, died at dawn that Sunday when a woman identified as María E. Nevárez Torres, 46, allegedly drunk while on a Can-Am drive across the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge in the opposite direction from San Juan traveled to Carolina collided with the artist’s brother.

Due to the impact, Justin, who visited Puerto Rico while living in Florida, was expelled from Can-Am and died from the beatings he received.

Another young man who was a passenger was also expelled and injured.

The accident was recorded by the bridge’s surveillance cameras. The driver was injured and taken to a hospital.

Reggaeton executive producer Alex Gargolas, for his part, lamented the death of Justin, for which he expressed condolences to his artist brother and mother Carmen Santos.

“There’s no consolation for that, just the assumption that God will protect you,” said the music entrepreneur.

He added that Justin was “a young man who is beginning to live”.

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