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Reeve Carney: 5 things to know about the actor playing Tom Ford in “House of Gucci”

Reeve Carney

Reeve Carney stars as legendary fashion designer Tom Ford in Lady Gaga’s new film, House of Gucci. Here’s everything you need to know about the multi-talented star!

The new movie Gucci House characteristics Lady Gaga depicting Patrizia Reggiani, who conspired to murder her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci, played by Adam Pilot. As the real crime film revolves around the famous Gucci family – with Jared leto like Paul Gucci and Al Pacino like Aldo Gucci – it also highlights the designer Tom ford, who was the creative director of the fashion house at the time of the drama. Before the film premieres, here’s everything you need to know about Warden Carney, the actor playing Ford!

1. Reeve Carney’s first acting gig was an advertisement for Huggies.

Born in Manhattan on April 18, 1983 and raised in the West Village, Reeve was surrounded by a family of musicians and actors. At the age of one, he got his first concert as a professional actor. “I was in a Huggies commercial when I was about a year old and I don’t have a lot of memories of it,” he said. Daman. “But I had a background role in The Saint of Fort Washington, playing Rick Aviles’ son in a dream sequence from this movie. Around the age of eight, I told my parents that I wanted to be an artist. I come from a very creative family. I myself am a third generation artist! All of my siblings are also successful!

Warden Carney
Reeve Carney poses for a portrait as an actor in the 2016 FOX movie “Rocky Horror Picture Show” (Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP / Shutterstock)

2. He had his great luck as Spider-Man on Broadway.

Reeve’s standout role was on Broadway, as he played Peter Parker in the record-breaking musical Spider-Man: Put Out The Dark in 2010. He spent three years playing the spandex-clad webslinger before hanging up the costume to pursue television roles. At the time, he said he wouldn’t mind returning to the show in the future. “Honestly, I love this job,” he said Reading poster in 2013. “Maybe I could come back in 10 years and play the Green Goblin. That would be great!”

3. Taylor Swift chose him to appear in her video and took him to the VMAs.

Reeve played the beautiful heartbreaker in Taylor Swift 2012 I knew you were trouble Musical clip. The actor said the pop superstar discovered him on YouTube when she asked him to collaborate. “She saw the music video for a song I called ‘Love Me Chase Me’ and it inspired her for ‘I Knew Your Were Trouble’,” he said. Vogue teens. “Taylor is a fan of my music, which was amazing to me considering that someone like her has sold millions of albums, and my music hasn’t sold, well, almost.”

As for accompanying him to the 2013 MTV VMAs, Reeve said it was a wonderful surprise. “It was so kind of him to invite me over,” he told the outlet. “She had been doing her own stuff on tour all over the world and she emailed me saying, ‘Hey, would you like to join me?'”

Warden Carney
Reeve performs at the 73rd annual Tony Awards in 2019 (Andrew H. Walker / Shutterstock)

4. The actor played Dorian Gray in Penny Dreadful.

After playing Spider-Man on Broadway, Reeve signed on for Showtime’s Dreadful Penny to play Dorian Gray, a hedonistic character obsessed with youth. He admitted he had reservations about the role, however, as the program featured some explicit scenes. “At first I was a little nervous, just because I’ve never done anything nude and didn’t know what it would look like,” he said. Collider in 2014. “But once I read the script, the language John [Logan] wrote is so beautiful that it immediately interested me.

5. Tom Ford “can’t wait” to see Reeve in House Of Gucci.

While it can be a little intimidating playing such a famous real character as Tom Ford, it looks like Reeves doesn’t have to worry, as the designer has high hopes for the film. “I read the script before it was shot and, you know, for someone who’s been through it, you have to realize that things are glamorized in the movie, because when I read some of the descriptions of things that were going on and the characters, and what they wore, what they were doing – I mean, I was the, and they weren’t as glamorous, ”said Ford GQ. “I would do the same if I made this movie. I would increase the level of glamor a bit. I can not wait see this.”

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