Home Entertainment Red Sky’s second season arrives with more action, but far fewer surprises

Red Sky’s second season arrives with more action, but far fewer surprises

Red Sky's second season arrives with more action, but far fewer surprises

If the major female master plan was crowned in its first season to avoid their pimps, Now the dash has changed (At least for a while). And more in the thirst for revenge than in the desire for freedom, red sky 2 Chips are transferred by them.

Because, although running away from that hell as neon and bright lights were the driving force behind Wendy (Lali Esposito), Coral (Veronica Sanchez) and Gina (ie Prado), This trio of brave and trafficked women is no longer enough to try and save each other.

A lot is at stake in this second season, which premieres Friday, July 23 on Netflix: and it will come out in a new package, though not so different for its last delivery. bugle Can already watch new episodes, for Create a scenario of what will be seen.

But turning into prey for predators remains a threat. This time, The clash of forces between the characters becomes even more important Following a series of events that lead to mutual revenge. His, driven by a wound, turned to strength, and his captives, who would try to claim that dishonest rebellion.

Miguel Silvestre At A Stop During The Filming Of A Spanish Series With An International Cast.

Miguel Silvestre at a stop during the filming of a Spanish series with an international cast.

result? A festival of chase scenes that takes action in service of the plot, although it’s a more resource than what was used in the first season.

And, although sometimes it loses momentum, The soundtrack gives it the force that compensates for the narration’s timing.

In the Spanish superproduction created by the writers of, the aesthetic stamp in photography continues to give contrast to the horror the money heist, Alex Pina and Esther Martinez Lobato, with a visual bet that boasts of their stunning exterior in Tenerife.

so cinematic street scene, the scene of threats at gunpoint that doesn’t end with an expected climax, still deserves praise.

Unlike season one, part of black humor gives way to drama And, in more violent childbirth, the blood is almost an extension of the maidens’ glam changing rooms.

Wendy: And, Under The Wig, Lali Esposito.

Wendy: And, under the wig, Lali Esposito.

However calling the brothel an oasis of bliss is part of the eccentricity it brings asir etexandia (Romeo), a villain who has as much evil as he is emotionally deprived, the atrocities that take place inside the Las Novius club leave no room for imagination.

The sexual violence persists and is as crude as it needs to be, because, as its directors know, watching is not the same as fiction. And despite the open wounds, like a nightmare that comes and goes as flashback And that adds rawness to the story, revenge is taken on a cold plate.

“It’s called anger, and it’s an inner force that wants to hurt whoever has done it to you.”, explains a mighty coral as well as a victim of its own invisible enemy: laddiction to anxiolytics.

In an 8-part package, these modern heroines’ missions run their course, and catching up with the antagonist doesn’t seem like an effort. And on that adrenaline rush, what Wants to surprise the audience, although it is not always successful, along with Moses’ counterparts (Miguel Angel Silvestre, Heartbeat Velvet) and Christian (Enrique Auker) did the right thing, Friendship becomes an important emotional shortcut in female characters.

Together strong soulThe hunger for justice drives these women tormented by the past, not surrendering even to the brink of the abyss. “Let’s be all or none”, the trio that affirms brotherhood, coincides with a phrase that seems to be true in these times. Although perhaps, The real search is in female performances and not in songs To which the script points.


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Action & Drama hero: Lali Esposito, Miguel Angel Sylvester, Veronica Sanchez, Yani Prado, Asier Atacsandia, Enrique Auker Creation: Alex Pina, Esther Martinez Lobato Direction: Eduardo Chapero-Jackson, Javier Quintas, David Victory. Broadcast: Netflix.