Red Hot Chili Papers sells its catalog for over $ 100 million

Washington. – California Band red Hot Chili Peppers, Created in 1982, Has sold a list of his songs, Including hit “Under Bridge” and “Dani California”, For about $ 140 million.

The group that makes the singer Anthony Kiedis, The latest beneficiaries of the stampede to gain the intellectual property rights of renowned artists are bassist Pisa, percussionist Chad Smith and guitarist John Frusciant.

Most catalogs, including others Hit films like “Calf”, “Other Side” and “Scar Tissue”, Was music by Flea, Kidis, Smith and Frusciante, the latter reimagined for the band’s most recent work.

Music catalog acquisition Red hot chili peppers are One of the highest profile For Merck Mercuridis, Canadian-American music industry executive and founder of Hypagnosis Songs.

Mercuridis and Hypnosis since 2018 Has acquired the rights to the list of Musicians, producers and artists like Shakira, Timbaland, Barry Manilow, Richie Sambora, Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham and Jimmy Iowin.

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