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Red Alert became Netflix’s most successful premiere

Red Alert became Netflix's most successful premiere

When it premiered Red alert, on November 4, she was promoted as the movie with the biggest budget that had a Netflix original production: $ 200 million. So now it is not surprising that the streaming giant announces that it is the most successful launch in its history.

That bombastic title is all that is known about the matter, because Netflix did not elaborate on it. But this weekend, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, the three stars who star in this action comedy, used their respective accounts on social networks to ensure that they had gotten the best debut among the original movies on the platform.

The stars celebrate

The Film Red Alert Stars Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot And Ryan Reynolds.

The film Red Alert stars Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds.

Red alert breaks Netflix premiere day records around the world with an exceptional audience score of 92% !! ”La Roca wrote on Twitter, referring to the rating of the film by viewers on the site Rotten Tomatoes.

And it ended like this: “This was the first installment of Seven Bucks Productions for a streaming platform. It was critical that we deliver for their families around the world. Thanks!!!”

Reynolds also did a self-promotion: “WOW Red alert achieves the biggest opening day for a Netflix movie. Congratulations to all this team! “

And she closed with a joke: “I can’t wait for Red Notice (Taylor’s version).” It’s a pun on the original title of the film and an album by her friend Taylor Swift, which she just re-released. Net, from 2012, with the name Red (Taylor’s version), in an attempt to regain the rights to his music.

For his part, Gal Gadot pointed out: “This is incredible !!!! What can I say, you guys are the best and the reason we make these movies. I am very grateful and excited !!! Congratulations to Netflix and the entire team at Red alert”.

Elusive numbers

What does it mean that it was the “biggest” premiere in history? Difficult to specify, because Netflix does not usually release figures for its movies. And until now, it considered one of its products as “seen” when the viewer saw a total of two minutes of the series or movie in question.

In this case, the actors don’t give the numbers either that lead them to ensure that Red alert it would be the most successful release of a Netflix original movie. So there is no way to compare its performance with other titles on the platform.

So far, according to statistics released by Netflix, Rescue mission (2020) would be its most popular premiere, with 99 million views in the first four weeks since its premiere. It will be necessary to see how many sum – again, according to the platform itself- Red alert in that same period of time.

What is Red Alert like?

The red alert is Interpol’s warning order that you are looking for a criminal. In the case, an FBI agent, John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) is warned by a mysterious criminal known as The Bishop that a jewel, an invaluable goldsmith’s egg from the times of Mark Antony and Cleopatra is about to be stolen from an exhibition in an Italian museum.

An Image From &Quot;Red Alert&Quot;, The Netflix Film.

An image from “Red Alert”, the Netflix film.

He goes there and, together with local Interpol agents, checks that the piece on display is a fake. The egg is already in the possession of Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds), who is right there, and since they are going to close the Museum immediately, he prepares to flee.

Whoever gets that egg, plus another that is in the hands of an Italian mobster in Valencia and a third whose whereabouts are unknown, will earn a million dollars. Gal Gadot is none other than The Bishop, something that is revealed as soon as the film begins.


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