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Rebel Wilson and Justin Hartley on the steamy scene that got cut from ‘Senior Years’ (exclusive)

Rebel Wilson and Justin Hartley on the steamy scene that got cut from 'Senior Years' (exclusive)

ET spoke to the pair at the film's premiere Tuesday night.

Rebel Wilson and Justin Hartley may play former Flames in their new Netflix comedy, senior yearBut the comedian says that the spark between the pair was so hot that it was difficult to handle. ET’s Lauren Zima spoke to co-stars at the premiere of their new film, where they talked about working together and the steamy scene that didn’t make the cut.

“Justin plays my high school ex-boyfriend senior year And he does it very well,” Wilson said.

While fans are used to seeing Hartley in his more serious role as Kevin Pearson this is usin senior yearHe makes his comedy series appearances, playing the stereotypical high school jock and Wilson’s high school ex.

“When you’re working with such talented people, you just try to stay put. You’re as good as the person next to you, and he’s brilliant. So, if I look good in the movie So it’s because of him,” Hartley said.

They certainly looked good together, so good that Wilson jokingly cut a kiss between the pair from the movie.

“I just want to spread something, we had a kiss in the movie – had to be cut. Too steamy. That’s what people said,” joked Wilson. “Very steamy,” agreed Hartley. “It felt real. People wanted them together.”

“And I have another love interest in the movie, Sam Richardson, so we had to cut our kiss. But, it was a fun time filming,” Wilson said.

All jokes aside, pitch perfect The actress said that Hartley has a knack for comedy and encouraged her co-star to do more of it.

“I would say, Justin is hilarious,” Wilson revealed. “You have to do more comedy films.”

“I’d love to,” Hartley replied. “I’m about it.”

The film takes audiences back to the ’90s and early ’90s after Wilson, who stars as a high-school cheerleader, wakes from a 20-year coma to regain her status and become prom queen. wants to go back to high school.

apart from rebuilding music video For Britney Spears’ 1999 song, “(You Drive Me) Crazy,” the comedy draws on nostalgia, even including a cameo from ’90s queen Alicia Silverstone.

“I was so excited. I had no news Put the poster on my bedroom wall,” shared Wilson. “I mean I used to love him — I love him. He is amazing. He is here tonight. Clueless was a classic and maybe senior year will become the new classic. This is a high bar. It’s a high bar.”

While the film includes all the good, bad and messy moments of high school, Wilson told ET earlier this month that she wants audiences to stay away from the comedy.

“The message in the film that my character learns is, first of all, that high school doesn’t define you, and also that in order to be your true self, don’t try to fit anyone else,” she said. “My character has a quote in the movie, ‘Why fit in when you’re born to stand out?’ I really, really like it.”

“In Australia, sadly many of us are taught to be normal and not stand out in any way. I was someone who was different and wanted to go out into the world and crash it I was different and unique and I had to learn to embrace that about myself,” Wilson said. “I hope the young people who are watching can get a really good message.”

senior year Streaming will start on Netflix from May 13.

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