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Rebecca Jones denies having cancer; She lashes out at Alejandro Camacho: “She doesn’t even know anything about my life”

Rebecca Jones She was diagnosed in 2017 with ovarian cancer, which expired in 2019 after treatment that included chemotherapy. Some days ago, Alexander Camachoher ex-husband, assured that the actress is dealing with this disease again, a statement that the famous woman denied, assuring that her health is optimal.

In a meeting with the press, who recovered the program come the joyRebeca Jones denied having relapsed into cancer and lashed out against Alexander Camacho, with whom she was married for 25 years, for talking about her private life.

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I think my word is worth more. I made all the clarifications that I had to do and that is more valuable than everything. If you guys want to give more weight to what a person who doesn’t live with me says…” said Rebecca Jones.

The 65-year-old actress mentioned that Alexander Camacho he is the father of her son, however, this does not give him the right to comment or talk about her life, since she is not part of it as such.

Indeed, he is the father of my son, but he does not live with me, nor does he know anything about my life, nor does he have an opinion. about my health. I think he didn’t do it with bad intentions, he just doesn’t have an opinion.”

When asked by reporters if she is in good health then, the actress posed in front of the cameras and replied: “How do I look? Let it be clear (that she is fine).”

Rebecca Jones remembers Fernando del Solar

He also commented that he sees death from a positive perspective and remembered what he used to say Fernando del Solar -who passed away at the end of June after a long battle with cancer- on this subject.

“In this life no one has bought life, that’s what they don’t understand, so death shouldn’t surprise us so much. Fernando, who has just left, our dear Fernando, I was fascinated by what he said about life and death because that’s how I think. I live with death here together and not because I am negative but because I am very positive, because I live life and when death surprises us, well let it surprise us alive,” he concluded.


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