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Rebecca Jones denied Alejandro Camacho that he had relapsed to cancer: “He doesn’t know anything about my life”

Rebecca Jones denied Alejandro Camacho that he had relapsed into cancer (Photo: CUARTOSCURO/Instagram/@la_rebeccajones)

In the middle of August the first actor Alexander Camacho who in turn is ex-husband of Rebecca Jones revealed to some reporters that the also actress would have relapsed into cancer, this fact caused great impact to the world of national entertainment, however, after remaining hermetic for more than 15 days, The well-known producer broke the silence and denied what her then-partner said.

In a meeting with the press upon arrival at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) and, which recovered the program Joy come, Rebeca Jones denied having relapsed into cancer and attacked Alejandro Camachowith whom she was married for 25 years, for talking about her life.

I think my word is worth more. I made all the clarifications that I had to do and that is more valuable than everything. If you want to give more weight to what a person who does not live with me says...”, highlighted Rebecca Jones.

The 65-year-old histrionics mentioned that Alejandro Camacho is the father of her son, but that does not give him the right to interfere in her life: “Indeed, he is the father of my son, but he does not live with me nor does he know anything about my life nor does he have an opinion about my health. I think he did not do it with bad intentions, he simply does not have to give his opinion, “he finished for the morning cameras of Aztec TV.

Alejandro Camacho’s statements that bothered Rebecca Jones

On that occasion, the protagonist of unforgettable melodramas such as Secret of love, Cradle of wolves (1986), To love again Y Iron soul was questioned before the cameras of the program Today about his ex-wife and, to the surprise of many, said that his ex-partner was facing cancer again, just as he did when diagnosed in 2017.

“Rebecca is perfectly fine, Rebecca is working, she is healthy, she actually has cancer, however, she is such a strong woman and has so much strength that she is perfect,” remarked the 68-year-old first actor.

In this context, the Mexican interpreter did not share more details about it, since he was unaware of the alleged cancer that Jones suffered from: “I saw a photo of her three days ago and I see her very beautiful, whole, very well, very strong… admirable”, he finished at the time for the cameras of the morning of Televisa.

Camacho’s statements were answered almost half a month later by the actress who gave life to Victoria Aguirre in the series of Netflix, The House of Flowers. It should be remembered that it was not the first time that the health of the well-known businesswoman also worried her avid fans and the world of national entertainment, since in mid-July a relapse of ovarian cancer also began to be rumored, to which It expired at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.

(Photo: Instagram/@la_rebeccajones)
(Photo: Instagram/@la_rebeccajones)

“These are completely false data, they say that it hit me in the ovary again… which is wrong because I do have many ovaries but not so many anymore, from the beginning they took them away […] That is what gives me the most courage, there are many people suffering from this at very serious levels, ”he recalled in the same way for the Program Today.

In this context, he held a talk with the magazine Whowhere he reiterated that he currently does not have cancer: “I am perfectly fine […] it is sad to misinform the public, many women who see me as a strengththat God has favored me to have the character to face something like this and that it is possible to do it”.


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