Rebecca D’Alba confesses that she lost Ricky Martin’s child

Rebecca D’Alba confesses that she always supported him

MEXICO CITY (El Universal). – Rebecca D’Alba opens her heart to share her intimacy, her personal life and the fact she is very judgmental, as if she loses a Ricky Martin child.

Whenever he is questioned about his relationship with the singer, the host declares to be happy to see his friend devoted to him as a father and artist, in addition to being happy to feel a complete person.

Asked if Mother’s Day was emotionally affected by not having children, she revealed that she wanted to be a mother and was, in fact, pregnant with Ricky, but ultimately the sign was not viable.

He highlighted Ricky’s presence in that aspect of his life and assured him that he was interested in the child.

To be separated from memory, Rebecca D’Alba reported that she was pregnant by her other colleagues, but in all cases the efforts did not decline, regretting the loss because she really wanted to be a mother.

Today, with the age of over 50, the former beauty queen and television host fulfills herself as calm, at peace, and as a woman, professional, companion and friend to Ricky.

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