Rebecca D'Alba and Annette Michele, without ego or jealousy

MEXICO CITY (El Universal).— Rebecca D’Alba says the invitation to host a “MasterChef celebrity” came very quickly.

One day he called her to start recording the next week and she accepted, as she is a fan of the concept and it had been a long time since it was in full length format on the small screen.

The Communicator believes that becoming host of one format did not generate criticism on top of Annette Mitchell in other versions, conversely, good comments and congratulations.

“There are people who like Annette, who were already used to seeing her, she is a beautiful woman, with lots of appearance, we are different and falls in love with the image, but I feel blessed too.” I do,” he remarked and assured that the displays of affection were many for the project, even as Annette herself wrote in to congratulate him.

“He told me he wished me luck, that it would be a walk in the clouds to lead the show. In the end we are very transparent, Annette and I are very similar, our family formation is similar. We are good partners, something like that. It is not who will replace whom. It is a change for them, for me and also for the public”, he said.

This edition of “MasterChef” will feature contestants including José Joel, Jorge Aravena, Stephanie Salas and Alicia Machado, among others, to showcase their talents in the kitchen starting next Friday, August 20 at 7:30 p.m.

“This is the first time that ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ has been done, I have interviewed several contestants, which I am very excited about. The kitchen is related to values, family, culture, different regions of Mexico.”

Although Rebecca D’Alba considers herself a follower of the show, she says it has become very difficult to stay between the chef and the contestants, as she can’t help but have feelings about grades and feelings that overflow.