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reality shows and entertainment programs took over TV

Far away and a long time ago, Argentine television was a restaurant with varied dishes. There were news, unit, strips, soap operas, journalistic… In short: a menu for all tastes; in some cases, a gourmet dish, with some daring. In recent months, given the lack of local fiction due to the crisis and in an aggravated post-pandemic scenario, air channels dipped into old formulas.

Those old recipes are basically the cycles of questions and answers and the realities. The latter can be for coexistence or as a talent show, in almost all cases with foreign formats.

somehow it’s back to the boom of the ’90s with games -although they have existed since the end of the ’50s- and to the first years of reality at the beginning of the century, when Big Brother made its appearance in 2001, on the screen of Telefe.

Guido Kaczka receiving this year's Martín Fierro.

Guido Kaczka receiving this year’s Martín Fierro.

Those who are and those who come

To verify this tendency -this air of something already seen-, just do a zapping through the main air channels. The tanks of the most watched channels are two singing realities: The Argentine Voice (Sunday to Thursday at 10:30 p.m., by Telefe) and sing with me now (at 10:30 p.m., by El Trece).

The program that Marley hosts has more than seven hours of air per week, while Marcelo Tinelli’s adds 6, from Monday to Thursday.

the realities they are far from being a thing of the past and will be a thing of the future, at least the closest. This year, with no confirmed date yet, Telefe will air a new version of the pioneering cycle of this type: yes, come back big brother.

Monday the 12th of this monthat 10:30 p.m., will also reach that screen Who is the mask?, with Natalia Oreiro as a bare-faced driver. In both cases they are Endemol products. Soon, El Trece will do the same with the second version of The famous hotelwhich in its first edition won alex caniggia.

Another reality show is coming: Natalia Oreiro and Guillermo Pendino, from Telefe, in the presentation of "Who is the mask".

Another reality show is coming: Natalia Oreiro and Guillermo Pendino, from Telefe, in the presentation of “Who is the mask”.

play with me

Play from home. Try to guess before the participant. Win even if we don’t win, sitting in front of a screen. That seems to be the formula that drives game shows.

The 8 million steps (El Trece), the program hosted by Guido Kaczka, is perhaps a faithful demonstration of the penetration of game cycles. Measure well –some days it is the most viewed on the channel– and has screen presence in evening and night time.

in chat with Clarionthe driver tries to find the reasons for so many such programs.

Marcelo Tinelli landed this year with a new format.  Photo: El Trece.

Marcelo Tinelli landed this year with a new format. Photo: El Trece.

“In my experience, and after doing it for so long, I think question-and-answer shows they work for two reasons. On the one hand, interactivity. Not only do you look and bet with your heart on the participants, but you can also play alongside them, unlike others where they are perhaps more skillful, ”he explains.

“Another thing,” he adds, “could be the fact that they are genuinely family-oriented. Then, over time, strategies change. But, if to that you add good prizes and interesting life storiesyou have a format that has been working for decades”.

On Telefe, the list of game shows goes on and there is something for everyone. The “Bare” William Lopez invites neighbors to play from their neighborhoods in chinese game (Friday, at 11:45 p.m., by Telefe). On Saturday and Sunday nights, on the same channel, Pass word follows the same logic, with questions and answers from the studio -and there is also a famous version– with the leadership of Iván de Pineda.

Darío Barassi and Martín Fierro for "100 Argentines Say".  Another hit of these times.

Darío Barassi and Martín Fierro for “100 Argentines Say”. Another hit of these times.

In El Trece (Monday to Friday, at 6:30 p.m. and with a famous special on Sundays), 100 Argentines say appeals to the common sense of the Argentines, with the conduction of Dario Barassi. To that is added Welcome aboardwhich was formerly driven by Kaczka and is now in the hands of Laura Fernandez.

Elnueve tries to add rating with I live for you (Saturdays and Sundays, at 8 pm), hosted by Carolina Papaleo and a specialist in TV games: Julián Weich. An even stronger and more concrete commitment to the playful genre is The exact time (Monday to Friday at 10 p.m.), a program in which Tete Coustarot and Boy Olmi they play with the participants based on channel memories and archives.

The looks of Boy Olmi and Robertito

The actor links the boom in game shows to the discouragement experienced by Covid. “The pandemic created a hole in people’s souls, which we all try to heal in different ways. Fiction did not disappear, because people consume many series. But the broadcast television, perhaps due to an overdose of information, generated a need to distract yourself in another wayOlmi said.

“The viewer,” he added. feel involved guessing and participating. It is a quick thought that does not require continuity. In the program, we try to go beyond evocation and reflect on war, love or science. We also want to do emotional and intellectual work”.

Although it is outside the most demanding competition for ratings, Public TV also echoes the trend with Who knows more about Argentina? (Monday to Friday at 8 p.m.), which began in 2020. The program puts into play the knowledge about Argentine history and idiosyncrasy, led by Robert Funes Ugarte.

“The question and answer programs relax and separate people a bit from the reality that exists in Argentina. I think they are sustained because the formats are improving year after year; modernize and become more contemporary, even with the use of new technologies. He is the first I drive. And I would love, for example, to host a reality show,” he says. Robertito.

The state signal also has another one with games called “mind night” (Monday to Friday at 10 p.m.), but it is more focused on mind games – one of the hosts is the scientific communicator Diego Golombek-, which in the classic question and answer that immortalized Odol asks.

Of the five historical air channels, America seems to be the only one a little bit out of the trend, with more focus on newscasts and magazines. The exception, which has some games, is Sunday nightthe classic of Gerardo Sofovich reverted now by Mariano Judicabut they are more about skills: jenga and the classic cut of apples.

Tribute to Gerardo: Mariano Iúdica dusted off "El corte de la manzana" for America.

Tribute to Gerardo: Mariano Iúdica dusted off “El corte de la manzana” for America.

Net TV and Bravo TVthe two open signals that were added to the historic air quintet, are putting together their grids based on foreign cans, magazines and newscasts.

The numbers of this vintage trend

In total, if we add the hours per week, El Trece exceeds 30 question and answer programs and reality shows, while Telefe is close to a dozen. And only counting the two leading channels.

In the fight for rating, programs of this type -especially singing realities- also dominate everything. In fact, the prime time is lit daily with the hand in hand between The voice… Y Sing with me…as add about 24 pointstaking the 14 average of the Telefe cycle (usually the most viewed of the day) and the 10 of Tinelli.

Open TV is facing the post-pandemic scenario with recreational, talent or general interest contests. Fiction, for now, is reduced to canned novels from Brazil and Turkey and other corners of the planet. Do you remember the “We are actors, we want to act” almost two decades ago? Today it seems like a chimera.

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