Reality of Reggaeton Women (Photo)

Latin Flow is the new document-reality of mtv u amazon prime What Want to share the story of nine women who want to enter the world of music from their trenches.

He is an artist dedicated to creating urban genre songs. His dream: to become the next reggaeton figure.


LeeMembers Pitzian, Loy, Luisa Nichols and Maria “La Mona” Osorio talk about their experience as women who want to first enter a gender dominated by the male sex..

From their point of view, they. are in favor of Women empower themselves to write their own music.

women decide

“nowadays Woman decides if she wants to tell her version of what men have been saying for years already and I think We already have the power and voice to say what we disagree on because women need it Or if she wants to put herself in that (erotic) position, do it on her terms,” Loy said.Latin Flow is a documentary-reality that comes to life of 9 Colombian women (Photo: Latin Flow)Latin Flow is a reality documentary that chronicles the lives of nine Colombian women – photo © Latin Flow

voice through song

for its part, Lewis Nichols commented that she gives a voice to women through the lyrics of her songs, as she wants them to reevaluate the female figure: “Right now I want to write women and empower my songs.”

by asking them As for where their inspiration comes from to compose the lyrics for their songs, Loy, Pitzian and Luisa agree that they allow themselves to be carried away by emotion. that they feel in every experience, Mainly love and heartbreak.

themes of his songs

in this album what am i taking out slowly I decided to write Intimate Relationships and Desires in a double sense, ”said Loy..

“I write what my soul asks of me (…) for me Music is like my catharsis, for self-acceptance, for the love that I give myself in enormous amounts‘ said Pitzian.Not all members are artists, they are also musicians and producers (Photo: Latin Flow-MTY-Amazon Prime)Not all members are interpreters, they are musicians and producers too. – photo latin flow – mty – amazon prime

coexistence with data

Geniuses during reality shows He had the opportunity to be with representative characters of the genre such as Jay Balvin, Karol G, Piso 21, Justin Quills. among others.

“La Mona” Osorio gets interview opportunity Justin Quills, American musician with whom he agreed to look at life And they had a good conversation.

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“We agreed on something and that’s Our lifestyle is positivity, So we enjoy everything and although we have problems, we are developing a lot in our careers because we enjoy what we do”, said the young lady

This time, Reggaeton is considered one of the music genres that has gained the most ground within the industry..

It is common to see female and male figures playing on radio and platforms. Pitisian hints that his music is different from others Because it’s authentic and not a “queen of pop or a princess of reggaeton”.In general, songwriters find their inspiration in love and heartbreak (Photo: Latin Flow-MTV-Amazon Prime)In general, songwriters find their inspiration in love and heartbreak. – photo latin flow – mtv – amazon prime

I’m a simple bald man who’s crazy, who’s half bipolar, that I have a few days of chin … and I have other fabulous I’m just counting it in songs”, he expressed.

artist and musician

Not all members are singers in Latin Flow, because The artist is made up of artists, producers and musicians.

The MTV program was recorded in Colombia, The country which is currently going through a serious crisis, dAccording to Maria Osorio, they cannot give an opinion because they are in a position of “privilege”.

to reveal the reality

“We are a country facing a difficult political struggle, We are from a privileged perspective. In view of all that we are going through, it is I save that stuff like we’re doing in Latin Flow, because it takes away from the harsh reality we’re living in our country”, he remarked.

Latin Flow premieres this Thursday, June 10 at 8:30 p.m. and its episodes will air every Tuesday and Thursday.

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