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Real-Life Rappers Like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Have Rap Sh! On How Issa Rae Inspired By The T’ (Exclusive)

Issa Rae is ready for fans to watch her new comedy series, Rap Sh! TeaA love letter to the women making their mark in the male dominated rap world.

The HBOMAX original series follows two disparate high school friends from Miami, Shawna (Aida Osman) and Mia (Kamilian), who reunite to form a rap group. Origins of the concept opinion. was developed from vulnerable The script and goal is to highlight the challenges women face trying to enter the male-dominated hip-hop industry.

vulnerableKi Sirita Singleton serves as showrunner and executive producer with Rae and Singleton executive producing with Hooray’s Montrell Mackay. a black lady sketch showJonathan Berry vulnerable and Dave Becky of 3 Arts’ russian doll,

Hip-hop duo Yung Miami and JT of City Girls also serve as co-executive producers, which is fitting because Rae shared that their real-life travels are part of the inspiration behind the series.

“Apart from being a fan of the female rap world, I wanted to make a show centered around that,” Rae explained to ET. She noted what it was like to “come” her own via social media and how different the process is for musicians compared to more traditional means of discovery.

“It feels like a different time for artists to be discovered and to present themselves authentically,” she said. “And it’s really just a show about identity, which is something I initially struggled to present.”

Clearly, a show about female rappers needs that magical touch from real-life inspirations—many of which Rae has shared. “This show is inspired by all the female rappers that are out there right now, from Cardi B to Megana [Thee Stallion] To the City Girls, No Name, Nicki Minaj and Tierra Whack.”

As for City Girls, Rae called them “the greatest female rap duo, like Salt-N-Pepa”.

“I mean, they are phenomenal, we really wanted to have their blessings,” she said. “Their journey pretty much mirrors Shawna and Mia.”

Fans can know if Shawna and Mia can make it as big as JT and Miami when Rap Sh! Tea It will premiere on Thursday, July 21, along with its first two episodes. Thereafter the eight-episode season will air one episode each week, concluding on September 1.

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