Ray Reyes, ex-Menudo member, died at age 51

Without a doubt, this is sad news for all of Menudo’s followers, since one of its former members, Ray Reyes, died at age 51.

It was his own public relations agency, from Puerto Rico, who confirmed it through a post on Twitter.

Our Ray Reyes departed from our earthly plane. With much regret, we notify the death of our great Ray Reyes, ex-Menudo and member of the project Get on my Moto Tour ”.

In this moment of pain, the family asks for space. We request prayer for his family, friends and fans around the world ”, published his relationship agency.

Until now, causes of death have not been disclosed, however, the public relations agency Big Events assured that later they will share more information.

Ray Reyes, who died at 51, was born in New York in 1970, had Puerto Rican roots and was in the third generation of Menudo, from 1982 to 1985.

According to fans and specialists, Ray was one of the best voices that passed through the group.

After leaving Menudo, Ray participated in television projects What The Love Boat and in films What My lucky day.

For its part, Menudo was a Puerto Rican group, created in 1977 and initially aimed at children.

Among the former members of Menudo are personalities such as Ricky Martin, René Farrait, Draco Rosa Y Johnny lozada, among others.

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