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‘Raven’s Home’: Annelies van der Poel’s Chelsea will return for 100th episode (exclusive)

'Raven's Home': Annelies van der Poel's Chelsea will return for 100th episode (exclusive)

ET can exclusively report that Anneliese van der Pol will reunite with her former co-stars after the show's season 5 cast shakeup.

Raven Baxter and Chelsea Daniels are together again! Key Cast Raven’s house Celebrating its 100th episode with a special appearance by an original cast: Annelies van der Poel. ET can exclusively confirm that van der Poel played Chelsea that’s so Raven And Raven’s houseThe beloved Disney Channel sitcom returns to celebrate the milestone.

The 37-year-old actress told ET about her return to the series after her departure, “It feels exactly like you would think. It’s a nostalgia feeling. Feels like coming home.” This is the 100th episode of Raven’s house And also the 200th episode of the Key franchise that’s so Raven, so it’s just incredibly full circle. i am very proud of ravana [Symoné], It feels great to be back with all my old friends, crew and cast. Then, of course, directing Raven, and it’s so amazing to see her blossom, and be part of something that matters to so many people, not just me.”

The actress left the series before Season 5 after the show followed a soft reboot with new characters in A New City.

Raven-Symoné and Issac Ryan Brown return as the somewhat psychic Raven Baxter and his son, Booker, who has inherited his mother’s gift for glimpses of the future, as they look after Raven’s father, Victor. Moved from Chicago to San Francisco. Had a mild heart attack.

Rondell Sheridan joins the cast as a new series regular to reprise his role that’s so Raven As the intuitive and loving father of the Titanic character, Victor Baxter.

The characters’ moves to San Francisco resulted in several series regulars: Navia Robinson (Nia), Jason Maybaum (Levi), Skye Katz (Tess) and van der Pol. It also received several new cast members, including Michael-Michelle Harris (ABC’s) mixed-isho) as Raven’s young cousin Alice; Felix Avitia (Disney.) Gamers’ Guide to Pretty Much Everything) as Neil, Victor’s neighbor and Booker’s high school classmate; and composer and singer Amy Liu-Wang (Broadway Musical) Annie) as Ivy, a young neighbor who raises Alice.

Van der Poel admitted he hoped to return after he left, but added that his return has been “like riding a bike”.

The actress added, “I wasn’t sure how I would feel. A little nostalgic, definitely missing someone bittersweet.” ,[But] No bitterness. Sweetness only. Just sweet, because I see so many people I haven’t seen. You realize that it’s all just creative, and the show, everything moves with you. I have got to take a step back from the show and do my own thing, which has been a really growing process for me. Wonderful, like I said. When you’re in the Disney family, you’re in.”

And when she said she misses being with her original cast and her co-stars that’s so RavenVan der Pol said being reunited with Simone has been a special treat.

“We met when we were 15 years old when we auditioned for some name absolutely psychicwhich then became the show that’s so Ravenand then Ravana’s houseShe recalled. “When we met, it was a job to do, but immediately we were connected to a sense of reality. Right at the same time, we asked each other honest questions while waiting in that green room at this audition. When we were only 15, we talked about real things right away. It continues, an honest relationship, a business relationship, but also a friendship relationship that comes first.”

He said, “Sometimes it’s really hard to balance being in my direction, or being a producer, but also being on screen together. I think we’ve done so much to be friends, to be friends, to remain friends.” Great job done. Respect each other and love teaching each other a lot, and helping each other grow, and bring out the best in each other. Not that everything goes perfectly all the time, but it always ends perfectly. I think this is going to be a lifelong friendship. I think we’re going to be 60 years old doing this are…he taught me a lot, a lot about life, a lot about this career in business. he started me. i didn’t know how to stand on a mark, face him It’s just comedy timing without him. I learned a lot.”

The feeling is very mutual with Simone, who called van der Poel back “noble”.

“The phone call was easy. Jade Scott and Anthony, the other EPs on the show, had a wonderful idea of ​​making the 100th episode the 100th celebration on camera as well. That’s why we’re celebrating, on camera, on camera.” “I can’t even take full responsibility for the return. Everyone involved is there, even Disney Channel because they know how important it is. And especially for a kid show, as long as it is . it is amazing.”

The 36-year-old previously told ET that she is a “believer” in trying to bring “as many people as possible” to the show, including iconic characters. that’s so Raven, And he stands by that statement.

“We have called on everyone who has been a part of the Raven Baxter family, from the original show until now,” she promised. “So, there are a lot of call outs. Some people have voicemails, some people still have two ways. So, as long as we can speak, I’m sure we’re good.”

When it comes to celebrating the milestones of both TV shows, Simone said that “it’s amazing to be able to be a part of a show that has changed the course of my career.”

“I’ve been a part of the Raven Baxter franchise since I was 14. I’m 36 now. And through this show, I’ve been able to learn how to produce. I’ve been able to learn how to direct . I have been able to learn to write a script and through this process I have been able to transform as an artist and through it have met some amazing people. So it has been amazing and I am very happy where we are right now ,” He said.

“I hope the legacy of this show is that wherever you live and who you are friends with, you can always have a wonderful family,” she concluded. “Because it’s about love and being together and standing up for each other and it’s okay to be apart. And if you have a vision, don’t tell anyone, just save the world.”

And when is it time to end the Raven Baxter franchise? Simone will be the first to know.

“I will always make sure we bring in the best content that we can, no matter how long it lasts,” she said. “I personally would love to change my career to a full-time director and producer. Before [my face] falls, darling.”

Raven’s house Airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel

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