Raul Orvanos: From Theater to TV

Actor Raoul Orvanos says that his grandmother, Lucia Guilmaine, had made a terrible face when he told her that she wanted to dedicate herself to acting, but was afraid and in an appearance as part of her acting training After watching, she understood. This was his destination.

“I think he felt directly why I wanted to dedicate myself to it,” explains Raul, who made his debut on the telenovela “Deisanando Tu Amor,” whose last Monday in Las Vegas (Television) and Univision Premiered together.

With the character of Uriel, he hopes to attract the attention of the audience, as he is a kind, noble and cheerful photographer who likes to go unnoticed.

With a great experience in theater, he now makes his debut in television and soap operas, and although he has done a few pilots and series, the actor feels this is his official debut on the small screen.

“I’m grateful for the production that gave me this opportunity,” he says.

It is too rich to share with Raoul’s colleagues, who have a lot of experience and years in television, both well-known actors and other young talents who have many years in the industry despite their young age.

Orananos studied theater in Casa Azul, having knowledge of what should happen in front of cameras, in a more cinema format, so entering television as a whole gave him great influence and respect.

Amid his anecdote, he says that when he rehearsed his first scenes, he only thought about where he should look, which robbed him of concentration, especially since a melodrama used multiple cameras. Is and the main thing is to know how to dominate the scene and concentrate.

He shares that his project partner, Juan Diego Covrubius, who is one of the lead roles, noticed in his first call that he was nervous, approached and told him to calm down, as advised, by his teammates. Listen to and ask for connections with him in every scene, without thinking what’s around.

The orientation obtained was of great help, and he assures that what he has learned is on the part of his colleagues.

Raoul Orvanos comes from the lineage of actors, he is the grandson of Ileana Guilmin, grandson of Lucia Guilmin (both deceased) and nephew of Juan Ferrara.

He feels the responsibility and pressure related to the family of the lead actors, and he knows that when people come to know about that relationship they will make him feel that he has something to prove.

But Raoul’s goal is to prove himself, not as part of a family, and to show that he has his own strengths.

The actor admitted that he had previously thought of being a footballer, the other side of his family, as his grandfather is former football player and sports commentator Raul Orvanos, but it was in high school when he entered a theater workshop when He was convinced. He was in his business.

About Uriel, the character who will soon appear in “Desenando Tu Amore”, shares that he is the photographer of Helena’s fashion house, one of the protagonists of melodrama, and is a happy and kind person . – IRIS CEBALLOS ALVERADO

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Raoul Orvanos believes that his character, Yuril, has a slight contrast with his personality, although what they believe in is that they are both kind and honest people.

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“Designing Your Love” airs, Monday through Friday, at 4:30 in the afternoon.

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