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Raúl Araiza flirts with Candela Márquez in the middle of the program and they kiss: “I dreamed of you”

After a few weeks in a rehabilitation clinic for a reinforcement process, Raul Araiza resumed its place not only in Today also in the program limbs in the air, where was she as a guest Candela Marquez. Throughout the transmission, the driver and the Spanish actress were very friendly with each other, a situation that the presenters of the production immediately noticed.

It was Yordi Rosado the one who stopped at one point the talk they had with Toño de Valdés in the middle of the program to expose the “flirtatiousness” of Raúl Araiza with Candela Márquez. “It is that these are flirting and we are here”, Rosado said, to which José Eduardo Derbez added: “They haven’t stopped.”

But the interactions between Candela Márquez and Raúl Araiza continued throughout the program. At one point, the Spanish actress whispered to her if they had more water, and seconds later the driver immediately went to bring her a glass. What sparked the comments of those present.

Minutes earlier during the question and answer session, Candela referred to the actor as “dad”, while Raúl Araiza affirmed that the famous appeared in his dreams: “I think I dreamed of you.”

Also, the doctor Karen Carillo -also a guest on the program- was aware of the chemistry between them to such an extent that she commented: There’s a lot of love here.”

Candela Márquez plants a kiss on Raúl Araiza

The hosts also noticed that Candela and Raúl did not separate and even tried to sit next to each other during the entire broadcast of Members on the air. Until certain minutes, the camera zooms in on the words that the famous secretly exchanged.

“Here talking about life… Black as always divine, dear, handsome, beautiful”commented the actress while hugging Raúl Araiza.

Later, Candela Márquez proposed to Yordi Rosado to put Botox on him. The former presenter of Another Roll agreed, but on one condition: that he kiss Raúl Araiza, a proposal that the soap opera interpreter accepted as Malverde: the patron saint, Betty in NY either Italian girl comes to get married.

Without further ado, Candela and Raúl stood in the center of the forum in front of the cameras. Although both were nervous, the Spanish finally planted a kiss on the actor.


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