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Raul Araiza asks for money on the street to pay for parking (VIDEO)

Raul Araiza asks for money on the street to pay for parking (VIDEO)

In a video that he himself shared on social networks, the driver said he was deeply embarrassed by what was happening to him.

Mexico City.- raul ariza After gave rise to the concern of his fans he started asking for money To pay for parking on the street. In Video Which he shared on his Instagram, the actor also revealed how he had to ask for money to be able to take his car from where he had gone to eat.

i forgot i had to pay for parking

In a recording, also known as “Negro” Ariza, stated that he ran out of money After going out to eat at a restaurant in Santa Fe, the presenter also said that you forgot to save cash To be able to pay for parking.

“I’m going to tell you a story, you go, you eat alone, relax, without speaking, you go out, do you think you bring cash and then you realize that you don’t bring money for parking“, the actor begins to count.

Raul further explained that he was not used to having these kinds of situations happen to him, but he ran out of money and had to go outside to see if anyone could give him money so that he could take out his car.

In this sense, Ral Araiza assured that he was not used to this type of situation happening to him, but seeing the need, he had to walk to get some money.

“Then you have to go out and walk like me […] From whom do I ask for money? alms? The trains are not going to stop, i’m in santa fe construction, who helps me? ”, the actor expressed annoyance and concern.

Ariza also clarified that the idea of ​​asking for a “ride” This was rejected, as he felt that it could lead to worse consequences, they could even “rape” him.

i never asked for a ride Cause they won’t rape me and stuff […] I don’t have to pay for parking, is someone going to come and pay me? Say it, because it’s still far away,” she said terribly.

although raul ariza He didn’t explain how his sad story endedAfter sharing the video, some internet users recognized him and wished him well, but others criticized him and called him a prankster in very bad taste.