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Rapper presents post mortem simulating funeral at Vortrix

Rapper presents post mortem simulating funeral at Vortrix

“People confirmed. Both performances sold out in four minutes., It doesn’t make any sense. This is how Dillom communicates his surprise at the two working on his social network. sold in record time. Two whirlwinds and an immediate reaction: Everyone wanted to be there.

post mortem experience Lollapalooza Festival 2022. inWhich was the hook for many new inquisitors who were hooked on the artist’s proposal and to build loyalty with those who followed him from the underground scene.

It didn’t take long for Praveen’s praises to come in the music scene. Photos and words of encouragement. from Fito Pez embraces Dilom in ‘Cholulo’ mode. Emmanuel Horvilur’s definition of a rapper. Throughout the night, Rocket Power started making noise until it caught everyone’s attention.

post mortem experience

Dilom in his presentation of Post-mortem at the Vortrix Theatre.  Photo: Photo: @gcorbatta

Dilom in his presentation of Post-mortem at the Vortrix Theatre. Photo: Photo: @gcorbatta

Dylan Leon Mass – his real name – was born on 5 December 2000 and “died” on 30 November 2021. the day before the release of his album posthumous, The Bohemian Groove family published obituaries in newspapers saying that the young artist had died, but it turned out to be the opposite. The king was born.

With the 360 ​​offer, it was an ad marketing hook to attract the attention of newcomers. Who was ‘King, Dilom’? And what happened to him?

Thus, pictorially and symbolically, Dylan was overcoming his fear of death that was heightened during the mandatory quarantine Due to the coronavirus pandemic. And that will be his prelude and starting point. The whole concept revolves around death and its earthly rituals.

The day Dilome "died" and was in the newspapers.  Great marketing strategy for more visibility.

The day Dilome “died” and was in the newspapers. Great marketing strategy for more visibility.

new friends

On Thursday, April 28 at 8:30 p.m., the writer had an appointment at the Voterix Theater. The artist had an idea to participate in another show, but Upon arrival, everything indicated it was a funeral home.,

An old black funeral procession car was parked at the door. A garland of roses on her hood. People in white T-shirts stained with ‘blood’. The others looked like zombies. Some of the artists wandering in the hall wept bitterly because of “Dilom is dead”. a table with a black tablecloth, photo frames with pictures of life, candles and red roses; ticket with his face.

Dilome opened the door for us to live the experience posthumous, Take part in a ‘wake’ where people poked each of their songs, drank beer without fear and uttered the classic ole ole with which good rhymes begin: “Ole, ole, ole, dilom, dilom”. Applause and lots of expectations.

Dilome Vortrix is ​​singing in the theatre.  Photo: @nacholunadei

Dilome Vortrix is ​​singing in the theatre. Photo: @nacholunadei

Turn off the lights. Mario Pergolini’s unmistakable voice is heard DamienTheir fourth track on the album is inspired by a novel by German author Hermann Hesse.

Dilom appears on the scene, amid darkness and lots of smoke simulating a funeral drawer. Boys and girls crowd against the stage. Pogo has already started and it won’t end until the last song is played, number 21.

“My friends are dead, I accidentally killed them.” This is how the show starts People sing madly, cry and repeat the song from memory. And so, one topic after another.

Rili Rili, Floor 13 & Side Resonates in the theater located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Colegiales. Everything seems to be falling apart, but this is just the beginning.

Dilom's BZRP music session #9 was one of the most criticized, today it is resigned

Dilom’s BZRP music session #9 was one of the most criticized, today it is resigned

Punk and Cumbia?

“my money go dumbI have money, donkey. I took seven rivo’, I think I need help”, Dilom trembles on stage, turns to his audience, feels like another. He is chased. dominantThe song he made in collaboration with L-Gante that shakes a cumbia and is also electronic, “And she blows it like a harmonica, ah.”

And so Brock Carey comes on the scene to put the song out of the oven on stage—it was released 48 hours ago—and its video clip was already censored by YouTube.

“They wanted to reduce the video because there are too many eyelets,” he excuses himself. Now, I think, what a coincidence that the platform downloads a video where in the foreground are bodies with cellulite. If it was white reggaeton, hegemony and a capable marketer, it would have passed without a problem. Occasion?

Asap, Casipegado, Kelly, Coach and Dudade They make sounds, they sing and poo. People don’t even know where they stand now. I see a sea of ​​people shaking as if there is no tomorrow. I see everything from the upstairs stalls, the press, and the guests. I can do that 360.

follow him side, bicycle And Dilome appreciates everyone’s patience. Today is the maximum number of fans, who got the first ticket. Everybody shouts, they already know, everybody knows. “Sarah, Sarah.” Sarmalkara, a member of Ripgang and girlfriend of the singer, enters the scene to sing and jump. Rocket Powers.

Dilome and his aesthetics set a trend among his followers

Dilome and his aesthetics set a trend among his followers

Horror Story

All excited pick up cell phones with camera lights on and sing the song that unites them in the ceremony. 220Dilom’s favorite song, the most emotional one and the one that tells the story of his life. “I can tell you about my life if you like horror stories,” he sings.

first seems to continue cool mood because it will come later Capture And the kids are going to scream like sick people. Forbidden words that are never said, the politically incorrect ones with which it rhymes. Capture, Yes, Fappi.

And then comes Theme 20, with which Dilome closes the show. Most symbolic, true and praiseworthy. new friends. Dilome isn’t awake, he’s ‘at the birthday party’; on his birthday. Now he has people who follow him, love him and keep him in the bank.

“One more, one more.” Reality, is the song chosen to close. Pieces of paper everywhere and the irony that characterizes Dilome. Take off the reality. “And we went to see that dance. I fall and step straight, they don’t even check the list. Next to our table are Insta models. And their faces make it look like they’ve never seen an artist.” Didn’t watch it. It’s a reality show.”

This sounds like the origin of filthy rock, punk, dilome.

Ripgang, everywhere together

Ripgang, everywhere together

bohemian groove

Dylan Leon Massa sings on his own record label Bohemian Groove, which is made up of Muerjoven, Noduermo and Rama. “The label belongs to the four of us and it was born to give a legal framework to everyone in Ripgang, a group of friends from all of our artists who play together,” Dilom says.

the rip gang There is an ensemble cast made up of Brock Carey, Odd Mummy, Saramalakara, Il Quentin, Muerjoven, K4 and Taichu. This artistic human group is associated with urban music, street art, design and production.audiovisual production. They are much more than musicians. Soon they will be presented at Primavera Sound Buenos Aires.

Fran Caella, PR and Artist’s Press, defines the Bohemian Groove in a simple and concrete way: “It is a group of artists who, beyond the musicians who make it, are made up of a vast human group that can be synthesized.” It’s a family.” “I’m an artist on my own label, which is funny sometimes and it’s like a family business,” Dilom says.

As a child, Dilome was already a rocker

As a child, Dilome was already a rocker

10 reasons to part ways

What is it about Dilome that is so alluring? I can name several points that set him apart from a sea of ​​repeated few actors.

One, he’s not a garbage collector, he’s a rapper. He comes from the underground scene of punk rock, rap and hip hop.

Two. He has a strong life story. Mom was imprisoned for a “bad meeting” and arrested for drug trafficking. His father started another family and converted to Orthodox Judaism. he would never fit in any world And that’s why he chose to live with a friend, his mother and his grandmother, who are his family by adoption today.

three. It presents a concept that closes on all sides. He removes the fear of death through his art. Their team is called Rip Gang and on the day of their debut album posthumous, published an obituary in the newspapers as if he had died. In fact, he was reborn to give birth to his songs.

Four. Many people compare him either because of his ‘spanglish’ look or rapping Eminem, one of his biggest idols, Maybe he wanted to look like her or maybe genetics helped him.

Dilom in a preview for the second day of his show in his dressing room at the Vortrix Theatre.  Photo: Toto Ponce

Dilom in a preview for the second day of his show in his dressing room at the Vortrix Theatre. Photo: Toto Ponce

Five. This one is different. Far from presenting trap or reggaeton, he refused to mold his art into a genre. It does a little bit of everything and feels good. “To be honest, I don’t feel 100% represented as a rapper or rocker. I identify the least with the word ‘trapero,'” he says. bugle,

Six. she broke it in lollapaloozaA festival where many people met him and many others ran so as not to miss his show which ranked him as one of the best in three days.

Seven. It received approval from greats such as Fito Páez and featured the voice of Mario Pergolini in one of his songs. Emmanuel Horvilur also flattered him. It seems that Pavitra, Dilom likes them.

Eight. With his debut album he managed to attract the attention of many, including those who criticized him. His fight with Dookie was not as true as it was said. Even today, Dilome flirts with her with being able to put together a song.

nine. He was the protagonist of BZRP Music Season #9, which has garnered 94 million views to date. Criticized, misunderstood and eventually accepted, it becomes a catchphrase that characterizes the artist, is stamped on T-shirts, and is a concept. ,It’s a trap, your garbage”,

ten. He has a good definition in BZRP Music Session #9 that stops everywhere: “Dilum. Thoughtfully disruptive Argentines responsible for the last wave of the trap’s moral epidemic,


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