Rapper murdered after attending football game in Guadalajara

The assailants waited for the rapper nicknamed ‘El Ruffian’ on the outskirts of the court to shoot him.

Guadalajara.— The Rapper Si-Kano showed his great sorrow for death His brother Daniel Maldonado Ramos, also known as ‘The Ruffian’, after which shot a soccer game In the Nueva Provincia neighborhood in Guadalajara. rapper died get shot directly on the stomach.

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an argument that ended with bullets

According to local media, it was reported that the brother of José Luis Maldonado Ramos is known as Rapper Si-Kanohandjob participated in a football tournament, but the anger became hot and great discussion started After playing during the game.

By the end of the game, the attackers he fired a gun Against ‘The Ruffian’, Joe Was shot in the stomach.

The youth was immediately taken to the nearest medical unit. At the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Clinic 78, doctors reported after several minutes of intervention that The rapper had died.

“stop texting me”

After confirming the death of the brother of Si Kano, the Mexican musician asked his followers to stop sending you messages For what happened, as many Internet users expressed regret death from ‘The Ruffian’.

“Stop sending me messages that break me down more, pray for him or go to fire him. Leave the questions and intrigue for another opportunity, thank you all for the messages of love towards him,” Message reads with which confirmed death his brothers.

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