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Raphael receives recognition from Cadena Dial

Raphael receives recognition from Cadena Dial

SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE (EFE) .— Raphael is on tour, is celebrating his 60th stage anniversary and always wants more, and that is perhaps the “secret” of his long career: He likes his job very much, “and people have fun” to the people, more ”.

“I see it as a priesthood … a little funnier, but very slave,” said Raphael when presenting his concerts in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands), where he was with the Chain last night Dial gala award.

The singer joked that in the artist’s profession “the most famous” is going to dinner, seeing acts, but “I never went there, nobody invited me. My thing was to work and rest to keep working. Thank god my family supports me in everything. If not, he would have sent me for a walk, ”he confessed with a laugh.

So will Raphael be left for a while? “I’m very afraid that yes”, the singer made it clear himself, because he feels “good about abilities, from desire, from illusion, and the audience is more and more with me.”

From the audience, from his audience, which are “of all ages”, he only has words of thanks, firstly because “he is very polite” and at concerts “stand up, clap your hands and sit down again”.

And secondly, because they let him sing new songs even though they wouldn’t forgive him for not having “Yo soy that”, “Escándalo” or “Mi gran noche” with them, a cross-generational success in the repertoire. “I tip,” he says dryly.

With regard to innovations, he explained that the singer and author Pablo López was composing an album for him in its entirety, in which he for the first time placed his “trust” in someone other than teachers such as Manuel Alejandro or José Luis Perales.

But before this work, namely the day after tomorrow, Friday, his new album “Raphael 6.0” will be released, which was recorded in two concerts that he offered at the Wizink Center in Madrid and which was the first show in Spain after the worst part of the Covid- 19 pandemic.

Raphael confessed that he still had nerves before every concert, but “in a different way” than in his early years, when he “had a terrible time” in the first four or five songs before he was let go.

Now he goes on stage, “with caution, slowly, to enjoy, like the people. It works better that way, ”he said.

He’s also enjoying so many awards he’s gotten lately. Even the magazine “Vanity Fair” will name him “Man of the Year” in December.

Though they are starting to “appear a little too much … to see if I run an auction,” he joked.

Emotional night

Last night, the Cadena Dial recognized A Raphael for more than 60 years of experience. The artist was surprised on stage when he received the award from his son Manuel Martos, who dedicated emotional words to his father, whom he admired as a person and an artist. Despite the mastery of the stage that the years have given him, Raphael was grateful. The so-called “Divo de Linares” sang “I Forgot to Live” at the gala.

The rhythm returns

The green carpet was rolled out again last night, stars like David, Bisbal, Luis Fonsi, Pablo Alborán, David de María and Malú walked on it.

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