Home Entertainment Ralph Macchio says a Jackie Chan cameo in Cobra Kai wouldn’t work

Ralph Macchio says a Jackie Chan cameo in Cobra Kai wouldn’t work

Ralph Macchio says a Jackie Chan cameo in Cobra Kai wouldn't work

On the eve of its fourth season, fanaticism for Cobra Kai, is still intact. The story, which is the continuation of the series based on the franchise karate Kid takes place in what creators Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald and Hayden Schlossberg call “Miyagi-verse ” or the Miyagi universe.

Mr. Miyagi is the legendary karate master from Okinawa, Japan, played by Pat Morita, who was Daniel’s (Ralph Macchio) mentor in karate Kid. What Cobra Kai stars many characters from the series, fans have been wondering if Jaden Smith or Jackie Chan will ever appear in new productions.

Both actors already starred in the 2010 remake, but according to a cast interview with YouTuber Jake’s Takes, fans shouldn’t be excited about a cameo (a brief appearance in new seasons) from some of them.

&Quot;Cobra Kai&Quot; Is The Continuation Of The &Quot;Karate Kid&Quot; Saga.  Netflix Photo

“Cobra Kai” is the continuation of the “Karate Kid” saga. Netflix photo

“Anyone who met Mr. Miyagi and interacted with Mr. Miyagi is suitable for our series, for the story of Cobra Kai “Macchio said during the interview. “Smith and Chan’s version of karate Kid is a remake in a completely different universe from the Miyagi-verse, so there is no correct way to connect them to the story of Cobra Kai“.

Throwing names

However, Macchio commented that a different Hollywood star could perfectly fit the universe, due to his appearance in Karate Kid 4: The New Mission.

Hilary Swank And Pat Morita In &Quot;Karate Kid 4.&Quot;  Photo Clarín Archive

Hilary Swank and Pat Morita in “Karate Kid 4.” Photo Clarín Archive

“On the other hand, someone like Julie Pierce, who is the role of Hilary swank, I knew Miyagi, “he said.” So there is always a possibility that she could appear, for example, “said the actor.

The fourth installment of the franchise karate Kid, Karate Kid 4: The New Mission, In 1994, it starred Hilary Swank in her first casting role, as a high school student named Julie, who is battling severe anger issues following the death of her parents in a car accident.

Good And Bad Will Fight In The New Season Of &Quot;Cobra Kai&Quot;.  Netflix Photo

Good and bad will fight in the new season of “Cobra Kai”. Netflix photo

While karate Kid focused his plot on helping Daniel learn to fend off bullies like Johnny Lawrence and defeat him in a tournament, Karate Kid 4: The New Mission focused on the emotional control and self-defense of a woman living in a world surrounded by sexual assault, toxic bugs, and a gang of fascist teenagers led by Michael Ironside.

The film was heavily criticized after its release, as was its predecessor, Karate kid iii. None reached the impact of the original or the series Cobra Kai.

&Quot;Fatale&Quot;, The Last Time We Saw The Two-Time Oscar Winner.  Netflix Photo

“Fatale”, the last time we saw the two-time Oscar winner. Netflix photo

In fact, many people do not even remember that this movie exists, other than that it was a very important step in Hilary Swank’s career. However, Macchio believes that hiring the actress for an appearance in Cobra Kai It would not be easy today, because of its place in Hollywood.

But he believes that the involvement of Swank, who was recently seen in Fatale, by Netflix, even if it were in a cameo it would be a perfect addition and would bring a feminine energy that would serve the saga very well.

The fourth season of Cobra Kai It will arrive on Netflix on December 31st and the story promises to be one of the strongest, since all the students from the different dojos will finally be seen in the expected karate tournament.


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