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Rafaela Carra’s legacy shrouded in mystery

Rafaela Carra's legacy shrouded in mystery

His personal life has always been kept low-key and a few weeks after his death, a certain mystery continues to surround Rafaela Cara. In this case, with respect to your inheritance It is not known who will be the beneficiaries of your heritage.

The Italian artist, who died in early July at the age of 78, left behind several assets that have no direct heirs as the actress and singer had no children. Rumors began to spread in Italy about who could receive a share of Raffaella Carra’s millionaire inheritance.

Among the estates that were part of his legacy are several properties: a luxurious apartment in the Roman neighborhood of Vigna Clara, where Raffaella lived until the day of his death, as well as a mansion on Monte Argentina in the Tuscany region; A house in the medieval village of Montalcino (where the famous wine of the same name is made) and also located in Tuscany.

To this have been added several current accounts, television rights and, for his songs, all high figures. Raffaella had two long romantic relationships but never formalized marriage and did not have children. However, the diva adopted many children from different countries of the world, whom she helped remotely.

Rafaela Cara.  The Diva Had Remotely Adopted Dozens Of Children In Different Countries Of The World.

Rafaela Cara. The diva had remotely adopted dozens of children in different countries of the world.

will unknown

After her death another mystery emerged as to whether there was a will left by the diva before she died, which defines and details who or who will be the heir to her fortune.

In his family environment, two nephews, Matteo and Federica Pelloni, are the children of his brother Renzo, who died in 2001. According to people close to him, the artist had a very good relationship with both. If there is no will that specifies how your assets are to be distributed Matteo and Federica will have a third Of inheritance, at least.

It has been speculated in the Italian press that Raffaella may have elaborated that part of her fortune went to the three daughters of television producer Gianni Boncompagni, with whom the actress and singer had been in a relationship for a decade. was boncompagni Author of Many of His Greatest Musical Hits.

Dancer, choreographer and film director Sergio Japino may also have received part of Carrara’s legacy, as he was. Couple for more than 15 years. Although they parted ways in the 90s, the relationship between them continued professionally and the affection remained intact. In fact it was Zappino, eleven years younger than Raffaella, who officially announced the star’s death.

Rafaela Cara.  There Is Much Speculation About Who Will Be The Beneficiary Of Your Inheritance.

Rafaela Cara. There is much speculation about who will be the beneficiary of your inheritance.

However, the artist’s interest in the most disadvantaged children led him to several distant adoptions at different times in his life. And it is also speculated that these children, who are dozens in different countries of the world, are largely the beneficiaries of the fortune left by them.

Shortly before he died, Carr 160 meters. decided to donate the area of classes Joe works as a gym in one of his villas in Tuscany for Confraternity of Mercy, a charity that works for childhood protection and social inclusion.

According to the organization’s representative, Roberto Cerulli, “A few weeks ago he took me to a notary in Rome. He had called a few days ago to tell me he wanted to donate an estate in Porto Santo Stefano.” The news was released a few days after the artist’s death and Cerulli assured that it was a “gift of great real estate value.”