Home Entertainment Radio Rivadavia announced Cristina and controversy broke out on the networks

Radio Rivadavia announced Cristina and controversy broke out on the networks

Radio Rivadavia announced Cristina and controversy broke out on the networks

“Very soon, Cristina for the first time on Radio Rivadavia. Are you going to miss it? “, The announcement on Twitter and Instagram of AM 630 launched on the morning of this Wednesday, December 29, surprised the followers of the station and quickly went viral.

Immediately, the listeners’ comments began a spicy round trip, due to the unknown whether it was Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the vice president. “April Fools Day is over”, was one of the first, by Braixeneizee. The user Salomonmirta was encouraged to ask: “¿A program is put on or the medium was bought? “

The truth is that in a matter of minutes, the topic became a trend and began to escalate. The comments, in general, were of rejection. “I don’t listen to it anymore. The radio was sold,” Elizabetsdg posted. Is it necessary? Vallarinosilvana wondered.

The Vice President Of The Nation, Cristina Fernández De Kirchner.

The Vice President of the Nation, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

But there were also many who indicated that, in reality, the ad was a strategy of Radio Rivadavia to announce the arrival on the first morning by Cristina Pérez. Something that the directors of the station have not yet confirmed, but it does sound strong among the figure passes for 2022.

The Rivadavia 2022 schedule

As we said, without confirmation from Cristina Pérez -who would arrive from Radio Miter-, they could know some news from Rivadavia for the year beginning on Saturday.

Cristina Pérez Would Leave Miter To Go To Rivadavia.

Cristina Pérez would leave Miter to go to Rivadavia.

The great figures of radio will retain their places. Baby Etchecopar will continue from Monday to Friday from 12 to 15. Then from 15 to 17 he will be in front of the microphone Jonathan Viale. From 17 to 19 it will be the turn of Nelson Castro.

For its part, Luis Majul will do the strip from 19 to 21. And at 21 and until 23 who will drive will be the classic Julio Lagos.

It is in the Sports category that the first important novelty stands out. During 2022, Radio Rivadavia will not broadcast football matches. However, the famous Oral Sports will continue to keep a space on the dial, which will be from Monday to Friday from 23 to 24.

Julio Lagos, On Radio Rivadavia.

Julio Lagos, on Radio Rivadavia.

Among the daily programs, the singer-dancer El Dipy will keep his segment from midnight until 1 in the morning. From 1 to 4 there will be a strong informative strip from the hand of Jorge Pizarro. From 4 to 6 the News Panorama will come, with Mario Portugal conducting.

And on the first morning, from 6 to 9, it will be Pablo Rossi’s turn.

Strong weekends

Without football on the grid, Rivadavia is committed to reinforcing with journalistic programs on weekends.

For this reason, among the novelties of the program, Saturdays from 8 to 11 a.m. Fernando Carnota and from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Debora Plager as drivers of those hourly segments. On Saturdays the journalists Alejandro Alfie and Carolina Amoroso, among others, will also have their cycles.

From 21 to 24, who will be in charge of the dial will be another radio classic, Rolando Hanglin, who will also close the night on Sundays, at the same time.

Rolando Hanglin Will Be On Saturdays And Sundays On Radio Rivadavia.

Rolando Hanglin will be on Saturdays and Sundays on Radio Rivadavia.

An important comeback

Another of the great novelties of Rivadavia’s 2022 program is the return of Luisa Delfino, with her historic cycle I hear you, who will be 30 years old.

You bet to do a fun pass between Hanglin’s farewell and Delfino’s entrance on air, something the drivers are already working on.

Luisa Delfino Returns With &Quot;Te Listecho&Quot; To Rivadavia.

Luisa Delfino returns with “Te listecho” to Rivadavia.

In addition to Delfino, journalists Jorge Pizarro, Ignacio Ortelli, Eduardo Paladini, Guadalupe Vázquez, Manuel Adorni and Dr. Claudio Zinn will have their own space on Sundays.

Comedian Ariel Tarico and his delusional political characters will pass between Jonatan Viale and Nelson Castro. And, in case Cristina Pérez goes to the second morning, she will also make her humor in the pass between Pablo Rossi and the journalist.

In the station they have hired the comedian David Rotemberg to work together the scripts with Tarico.

Comedian Ariel Tarico.

Comedian Ariel Tarico.

As long as the question is resolved, Rivadavia’s listeners remain in doubt. Which Cristina is the one who is arriving?


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