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radio producer turned comedian

radio producer turned comedian

When Diego Armando Maradona was the hero of impossible news, Ignacio Bullion hung his imitation with the same care with which he hung his Gymnasia y Esgrima La Plata Collection shirt. Instead of giving the character “wings” and resurrecting him in a voice from the afterlife, he elaborated on the duel and fell silent. “It was out of respect. I think with death you have to let a fair amount of time pass,” he judges who reproduces vocally in 50 or more animalsbunch of voices.

The voices trumpeter from the northern neighborhood, 35, walks comfortably through the color of the voices of the announcers, Lionel Messi and Alberto Fernandez. His palette seems unbreakable. go viral with you paulo villata dance, He can speak like Pope Francis and the second he turns into Claudio Maria Dominguez, Carlos Tevez, Guido Cazca, Julio Barbaro, El “Cun” Aguero. It is Marcello Bonelli’s cloning that was repeated the most 16 years workbut Your business isn’t based solely on on-the-spot duplicates.

He wakes up at 5:15 am and divides his strength between three tasks. From Monday to Friday, from 6 to 10, he accompanies Santiago del Morro on La 100 Inches Moorish Club, Continuing with Diego Leuco, in Friends from 4 to 5 pm, and at night (Sunday to Thursday from 11 pm to 12 noon) it is sent in the circle with more voices and unusual silver news. beauty and Beast, By TN, with Carolina Amoroso, Nicolas Vinazki and Lucia Salinas.

With the laughter involved from 6 a.m. onwards.  Ignacio "Nacho" Bullion.

With the laughter involved from 6 a.m. onwards. Ignacio “Nacho” Bullion.

“I think you always have to throw yourself in the pool and dare to project a sound in the air, even if it’s not perfect at first, and then polish it off,” he explains, who is “giving birth.” For, record, listens, re-records. Especially enjoy the entertainment of the voices of Luis Ventura and Alberto Cormilot. “Louis, controversial, I can work it anywhere, he can talk about the show, but as a football coach, he always has a video to show,” he laughs. “From Cormilot I exploit the sexy, seductive side”.

Look back and look at those thousand steps until you reach the firm ground you are on today. He had left the communications CBC behind at UBA and left a job as a cadet in an agriculture company when he started at Mater in 2006, One month trial as Production Assistant. At the time he had to deal with an audience competition for Mother’s Day, he collected messages, he wrote them with determination, until he received confirmation of admission at the station his parents had historically listened to. Was.

The first mission was to transport the coffee to Magdalena Ruiz Guianazu, The familiar voice with which the bullies made breakfast for two decades. Gradually building up his agenda, he produced Santo Biasatti and Ernesto Tenembaum, and Takeoff took place at the Daddy Briva event.

The team of "El Clube del Moro" by La 100.

The team of “El Clube del Moro” by La 100.

A video posted on Facebook gave him an idea of ​​where his career lay. A few days before a holiday in Uruguay, he uploaded a three-minute sketch in which he played Marcelo Bonelli and Coco Basil, while his school friend, Francisco “Pesci” Muse, who is still a comedian today, played Chiche Gelblung. and copied Mostaza Merlo. . They got off the plane and heard an unexpected message: “Dance, we saw your video. We want to test your friend too.”

With the passing of the exam, everything got promoted. he had to do five things at the same time (between Pop, Radio 10, El Tres and C5n). In December 2016, Ignacio Mancilla returned to 2668, with Del Moro moving from pop to La 100. Moorish Club -The most listened to radio programs with Maju Lozano, Catherine Fulop, Costa, Bibi Sanjo, Fernando Carlos, Marcela Touro and company- making them the comedians with the largest audiences.

The "Disco Rag" section at LA 100 with Bullion and his team.

The “Disco Rag” section at LA 100 with Bullion and his team.

-In the era of cancellation, does creating humor mean thinking twice about a joke before releasing it?

-Yes. Some people say, “I’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission.” Not me. Things have changed and I think that’s what I’m going to say. I will not allow myself to do anything that hurts the listener who is so loyal.

-And how do you stop thinking about sensibility and not being a prisoner of self-censorship, going against reform, against freedom?

-That’s a pretty good limit. Before I put the brakes on the first thing that came to mind today to avoid making an unfortunate comment: You won’t earn heaven for making too much of a joke. I don’t want to feel bad, it’s not like there’s no one on the other side. Everything you say has a result. And you have to take charge.

Why do you think humor is your way of connecting with the world?

-I was always very shy, using characters I have a shield. I don’t know comedians who aren’t shy, most of them are. Taking refuge in little monsters encourages you to do certain things.

With the comedian’s dream team. With Francisco Muse aka “Pesky”, his friends from school, plus Milton Ray, Claudio Rico, Ariel Tarico and Martin Bilic. (Photo: Mario Quinteros).

grew up in a certain inaccuracy with Bullion television, which is reviewed today, Benny Hill Show, or the gags Alberto Olmedo, Javier Portals and Jorge Porcell. he was also raised with the awkwardness of 3 stews, The son of an Air Force employee and a teacher, Joke wasn’t exactly the reigning resource in that household, but he successfully took her to San Miguel School.

In the last years of school, he signed up for orientation in social communication, tried radio in that place and was convinced that he wanted this for the future. Already graduated from high school, Paid for a spot in a station in Valsina Alsina And Vice emerged on a Wednesday night with some friends. It was one of the best seasons I’ve had for musical humour. He composed, played guitar, which he now transfers to his segments, like “Disco Rag”, probably FM . one of the most famouscumbia and irony that can last up to half an hour Moorish Club,

“Trapito”, the character who was born as a collective idea and climbed up to bursting on social networks, allowed him A link with Pablo Lescano, whom he came to introduce at Luna Park. It also has its own life off the air: it’s not strange that Bullion is hired for private parties, 15 years, anniversaries. He even had to write a song for a wedding, with free Damas music, so that a family in disguise could entertain the newlyweds.

Received at ETER after being suspended for years, the history of the art of location career, piano student, brother of rapporteur Arturo Bullion (from TNT Sports) and father of ten-month-old Aurora, still hasn’t received rebuke from annoyed. “In contrast, Hugo Moyano went on the air to ask to speak with another Hugo, and Anibal Fernández told me ‘this is it’. More than harming politicians, they benefit from imitation, because it humanises them.”

In addition to radio, TV, YouTube, networks, Bullion’s voice also reached advertisements. He won a casting to become Juan Martín del Potro’s double for a brand of yogurt and is heard all the time in cartoons in which he explains the world’s origins, fermentation, and other specialties. He also has previews of matches in his portfolio. Last year he was in charge of running the 2021 Champions Trophy ahead of River Plate-Köln. A proud multirole.

He does not find any other way to live in the world. Making people laugh, almost as a public service, but also as a physical necessity. one day you can sing “I have everything except chili”, one at the neighborhood greengrocer where he is filmed as Luis Mikel, and on the other at the LA 100 table to spin a studio out of control when his showrunner has lost his passion. There are not many returns on the subject: “This is my bulletproof vest.”

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