Home Entertainment Rachael Ray provides update on rebuilding her home after last year’s fire

Rachael Ray provides update on rebuilding her home after last year’s fire

Rachael Ray provides update on rebuilding her home after last year's fire

Rachael Ray is making progress in rebuilding her house. In the course of the Season 16 premiere of Rachel Ray, the discuss present host takes viewers contained in the reconstruction of her home that burned down final summer time.

” It is our house. It is actually thrilling to have a home rebuilt in simply over a yr, ”she says.

In August 2020, Ray and her husband John Cusimano’s house on Lake Luzerne in New York’s Adirondacks burned down after a fireplace broke out of their chimney and shortly unfold.

“Basically our house burped on the roof and burned down for several days. When it was cleaned, only the hole in the ground remained – the basement foundation. Everything else was cleaned up,” Ray remembers. “John and I have lost most of our adult lives; everything we had for over 50 years. Our life is gone.”

Taking followers on a tour of the rebuild, she provides, “That’s where we’re at. I felt you’d like to see where we are.”

Ray additionally reveals the little adjustments she and her husband have made. “We’re again to a brand new hull which is just about the identical. It’s as shut as attainable to the unique [get]”She shares with viewers.” A variety of it’s simply reconstructed issues that appear to be a facsimile of what was right here. ”

As for the exact changes made, she notes, “We eliminated the skylights from the downstairs visitor bed room as a result of nobody favored them. It woke them up too early.”

Cusimano adds: “Now we’ve a tin roof as an alternative of a wood roof.”

Needless to say, Ray is counting his blessings. “I just have to be thankful that we rebuilt this again, quickly. And everyone in life over the past couple of years has had to move forward, pivot, rethink and rearrange their lives – and that’s is what we are trying to do, “she mentioned.” I am so grateful that we had the firefighters who saved our lives. And we eventually became very grateful that everyone shared our lives with us during this difficult time, because we were all going through the same difficult time together. “

Shortly after the 2020 hearth, ET spoke to Ray, who known as the incident a “shock.”

“I mean, you can’t imagine it,” she mentioned. “Our house is only 15 years old and we have our chimney cleaned twice a year. And literally it was just the chimney … and then the whole house literally burned down. I think at first we were just in shock. We listened to our first responders and left with the clothes on our backs and flip flops and Uggs on our feet. “

Season 16 of The Rachael Ray Present airs Monday on CBS. To confirm your native listings.