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Quite a visionary! J Balvin will become the first artist to have his own Monopoly

J Balvin’s career has continued to rise despite multiple controversies in which it has been seen since that occasion in which Residente dedicated an entire song to him when he launched, together with the Argentine producer Bizarrap, his controversial session.

Days later it was Christian Nodal’s turn who was in charge of throwing the Colombian with his song Sunflower and later some Internet users branded him a misogynist because in a video where Balvin praises Colombia, he forgot to mention Shakira.

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Despite all these problems, J Balvin has not stopped releasing music and official merchandise such as sneakers and clothing. But this time his latin gang has spread to board games since it was through his Instagram account that Jose posted a publication where he is seen playing his own monopoly.

That’s right, you read that right, J Balvin will become the first artist to have his own Monopoly. In a small promotional video and his mega success playing in the background My peopleshows a short preview of what this board game will be that will bear his name and some articles and moments that Balvin has lived throughout his life.

For now there is no more information on the release date of the Monopoly J Balvinas well as more details, but what we can know is that very soon there will be more information about this collaboration that will undoubtedly mark a before and after in the board game industry.

Also, the Colombian showed his new look. Accustomed to surprising his millions of followers, Jose has decided to dye his hair again and his design has not disappointed. Simulating a zebra, the singer of Safaridecided to dye his hair with black and white stripes.


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